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2016 Northeastern Ontario Highway Construction Highlights

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2016 Northeastern Ontario Highway Construction Highlights

Ontario is investing $541 million in the 2016-17 Northern Highways Program to support highway rehabilitation and expansion projects across the province's North. 

Recent highway construction contract awards in Northeastern Ontario include:
Highway 6

  • Resurfacing 11.9 kilometres of Highway 6 between the Highway 540 intersection and Fox Lake Road near Espanola ($3.6-million awarded to Pioneer Construction Inc.)
Highway 11
  • Resurfacing sections of Highway 11 in the New Liskeard area ($2.2-million contract awarded to Miller Paving Limited)
  • Replace bridges at the Nagami and Shekak rivers on Highway 11 west of Calstock ($24.3-million contract awarded to Toronto Zenith Inc.)
  • Resurfacing 34.7 kilometres of Highway 11 between Kapuskasing and Opasatika ($23.8-million contract awarded to C. Villeneuve Construction Co. Ltd.)
  • Resurfacing 5.0 kilometres on Highway 11 south of the Montreal River bridge near Latchford ($1.2-million contract awarded to Pioneer Construction)
Highway 101
  • Resurfacing 21.1 kilometres of Highway 101 through Foleyet ($5.3-million contract awarded to Miller Paving) 
Highway 144
  • Resurface 11.6 kilometres of Highway 144 between municipal roads 12 and 8 near Dowling ($8.3-million contract awarded to Interpaving Limited)
Highway 652
  • Reconstruction of 16 kilometres northeast of Cochrane ($1.9-million contract awarded to C. Villeneuve Construction Co. Limited)
Highway 654
  • Resurfacing 22.7 kilometres of Highway 654 in the Municipality of Callander and  the Township of Nipissing, including bridge repairs at Bear Creek and Wasi and Smith rivers ($9.6-million contract awarded to Teranorth Construction & Engineering Limited)
  • Resurfacing a total of 12.1 kilometres on highways 522, 534, 537, 540, 542a, 575, 607, 607a ($2.9-million contract awarded to Miller Paving Limited)
Expansion and rehabilitation projects in Northeastern Ontario announced to date for the 2016 construction season include: 
  • Expanding 14 kilometres of Highway 69 to four lanes from just north of Highway 607 to just north of Highway 522, including building two new interchanges and 10 new bridges 
  • Resurfacing 2.7 kilometres of Highway 6 south of Nairn Centre
  • Resurfacing 11.1 kilometres of Highway 11 south of Temagami 
  • Rehabilitating 4.8 kilometres of Highway 11 south of the Highway 534 interchange 
  • Rehabilitating 6.8 kilometres of Highway 11B from the Highway 11 junction northerly 
  • Resurfacing 30.4 kilometres of Highway 17 from north of Highway 101 and 2.2 kilometres of Highway 101 from the Highway 17 junction
  • Resurfacing 21.5 kilometres of Highway 17 east of Nairn Centre
  • Resurfacing 22.2 kilometres of Highway 17 west of the Municipal Road 55 interchange at Sudbury 
  • Resurfacing 15.4 kilometres of Highway 65 south of the Highway 66 junction 
  • Resurfacing 16 kilometres of Highway 540 west of Kagawong
  • Resurfacing 4.5 kilometres of Highway 552 and 6.3 kilometres of Highway 556 near Heyden 
  • Replacing bridges and culverts at Bond Creek, Burnt Creek, Jocko Creek, Ice Lake, Kagawong Creek Tributary, Lost Lake, Phillips Creek, Seven Mile Creek, Sharpsand River Tributary, Six Mile Creek, Tamarac Creek, Unknown Creek, Wittys Creek, Whiskey Jack Creek
  • Rehabilitating bridges and culverts at Agawa River Overflow, Duchesnay Creek, Hawk Creek, Jackpine River, Kagawong Creek, McVeigh Creek, Michipicoten River, Obijou River and Speckled Trout Creek
In addition, work is continuing on these multi-year projects:
  • Realigning 2.7 kilometres of CN railway tracks and building three new highway bridges for the expansion of Highway 69 at Highway 522
  • Resurfacing 18.1 kilometres of Highway 144 between Cartier and Onaping
  • Resurfacing sections of Highway 144 and replacing culverts between Chelmsford and Onaping
  • Replacing culverts and improving drainage and guide rails on Highway 108
  • Resurfacing 23.4 kilometres of Highway 108 from Elliot Lake southerly
  • Repaving 10.5 kilometres of Highway 17, building and extending passing lanes and rehabilitating the Big Cache Creek culvert
  • Rehabilitating and replacing six culverts on Highway 11 and Highway 652 near Cochrane
  • Realigning 3.2 kilometres of the Trans-Canada Highway 66 at Virginiatown
  • Rehabilitating the French River bridge on Highway 69

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