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Ontario Supporting Jobs and Economic Growth in Sudbury

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Ontario Supporting Jobs and Economic Growth in Sudbury

Through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC), Ontario is making strategic investments to help create or retain thousands of jobs across the North and expand economic opportunity in the region.

Through its five funding programs, the NOHFC is supporting businesses across the North in a wide array of sectors -- from mining to craft brewing, tourism to film and TV production, health care to food processing.


Twelve new mining services and technology projects are now being supported, including:

Proponent Name

Project Description

NOHFC investment

TesMan Inc.

To develop unique equipment to mechanize the cleaning and loading of blast holes, creating 2 jobs


Bristol Machine Works

To streamline and automate production of its mining equipment manufacturing business, creating 16 jobs


Mansour Mining Technologies

To manufacture a more durable resin cartridge used to anchor rock bolts, helping to retain 103 jobs


Renewable Resource Recovery Corp.

To develop a solar panel with the ability to generate electricity for internal use or to be sold back to the grid, helping retain 4 jobs


Electrale Innovation Ltd

To construct a 30-metre high industrial-sized Hydraulic Air Compressor that could be used in deep mine cooling, creating 5 jobs


Symboticware Inc

To develop software for the mining industry, creating 3 jobs


KE2 Technologies

To develop a medical device to help clinicians monitor patient response to external fluids such as IV


K4 Integration Inc

To offer a technology for small and medium sized mines to track the location of personnel and equipment, creating 3 jobs


MIRARCO Mining Innovation

To help the organization develop a long‑term sustainability model, creating 2 part-time jobs


Clickmox Solutions Inc

To develop and test a process to help mines inspect and clean clogged bore holes, creating 2 jobs


Activated White Ltd

To assist in commercializing a new product to be used for environmental cleanup and spills that can absorb up 75 times its weight, creating 4 jobs


Crystal Green Energy Corp.

To create a working model of its solar energy product, creating one job



Five new film and television and supporting projects are now being supported, including:

Proponent Name

Project Description

NOHFC investment

Glowbies Inc

To produce seasons two through four of a children's animated TV series titled Glowbies


HP Honor Productions

To produce a made-for-TV movie titled For Love and Honor


Grim Trigger Productions

To produce a feature film titled Grim Trigger


Thornloe University

To host a production workshop series over the next five years and allow film students to participate in the production of a film


William F. White International

For renovations to house the professional film and television equipment company, creating one job



Six new business expansion projects are now being supported, including:

Proponent Name

Project Description

NOHFC investment

Skyline Helicopter Technologies

To purchase new equipment and tools to service Sikorksy and Bell helicopters, creating 4 jobs


Cardiovascular CRO Ltd

To launch a business to support the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device sectors in the form of research services, creating one job


ECM Automation Networks

To expand office space, purchase equipment and conduct training for the IT service business, creating 4 jobs


Dura 21 Inc

To purchase equipment to expand the pipe manufacturing business, creating 2 jobs


Black Rock North Media

To establish a multimedia production company with services such as aerial video and photography, creating one job


Legend Boats

To expand their boat manufacturing business, creating 8 jobs



Twenty-four new Internships for recent graduates are now being supported, including:

Proponent Name

Project Description

NOHFC investment

Salute Coffee Company

For a Café Supervisor Intern to provide a recent culinary graduate an opportunity to apply their culinary skill sets in a high-end bakery


BM Metals Services

For a Project Coordinator Intern to support and implement industrial site service projects


Acclaim Ability Management

For an Ability Management Consultant Intern to support the company's disability management strategy


Medicor Research Inc

For a Clinical Research Coordinator Intern to acquire clinical experience


Canadian Diabetes Association

For a Community Initiatives Coordinator Intern to manage projects


Big Brothers Big Sisters Association

For an Enrolment and Activity Coordinator Intern to maintain and implement mentoring programs


The Learning Disabilities Association of Sudbury

For a Social Skills Development Liaison Intern to support the development of the new social skills program


HLS Hard-Line Solutions

For a Human Resource Coordinator Intern to develop and implement a health and safety program


Canadian Association of Science Centres

For an Accounting Intern to provide accounting and bookkeeping services to the association


Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce

For a Policy and Research Assistant Intern to help implement a number of initiatives at the chamber



For a Business Administration Intern to assist in the administration of a not-for-profit organization



For a Cryogen Risk Assessment in Mining Intern to assess the risk associated with the deployment of mining equipment



For a Research Assistant Mining Geomechanics Research Intern to work with a team of researchers and software developers


Greater Sudbury Police Service

For a Health and Lifestyle Coordinator Intern to assist in the development of police service well-being initiatives


New Day Wellness

For a Product Development & Marketing Coordinator Intern to develop a social media campaign to promote the business


Northern Lights Festival Boreal

For a Marketing & Communications Coordinator Intern to implement marketing initiatives


DeSimone Chiropody

For a Marketing Coordinator Intern to develop a complete business marketing strategy


DST Consulting Engineers

For an Engineer-In-Training Intern to work on project delivery, including technical field and laboratory testing and inspection


Martin Clinic and Nutrition Centre

For a Marketing Project Manager Intern to help develop and implement marketing strategies


Salon du livre du Grand Sudbury Inc

For a Coordonnateur/trice de la croissance (Growth Coordinator) Intern to help develop a new plan to increase self-generated revenue


Centre de formation et de perfectionnement du Grand Sudbury Inc

For an Agent de communication et marketing (Communication and Marketing Intern) to help with the organization's action plan


Sudbury School of Fitness

For a Physiotherapy Resident Intern to help develop skills and a group exercise program for older active adults


Element Mining Ltd

For a Business Development & Marketing Assistant Intern to assist in the maintenance and updating of website, developing marketing products and help the business grow


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