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Ontario Repeals the Green Energy Act


Ontario Repeals the Green Energy Act

Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines, Greg Rickford has announced Ontario's Government for the People has passed the Green Energy Repeal Act, 2018.

The Green Energy Repeal Act, 2018 restores municipal decision-making authority in relation to the siting of renewable energy projects. This will resolve a long-standing concern of many communities across Ontario, and ensure that any future renewable energy projects have local support.

Certain GEA provisions will be re-introduced under other existing legislation. These include provisions related to energy efficiency and conservation, which provide consumers with the tools and information they need to help lower their energy costs.

Amendments to the Planning Act and the Environmental Protection Act will:

  • Restore municipal planning authority related to the siting of renewable energy generation facilities, and restrict appeals on municipal refusals and non-decisions; and,
  • Enhance the government's authority to make regulations prohibiting the issuance of Renewable Energy Approvals where the need for the electricity has not been demonstrated.

Repeal of the Green Energy Act, 2009 and Re-introduction of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Initiatives

  • The Green Energy Repeal Act, 2018 will repeal the GEA and re-introduce certain GEA energy efficiency and conservation provisions under the Electricity Act, 1998 in order to continue long-standing initiatives that provide energy consumers with information and tools to lower their energy costs.
  • Provisions that will be re-introduced include the current GEA provisions related to energy and water efficiency standards, customer access to energy data, energy and water reporting and benchmarking and broader public sector energy reporting.

Reducing electricity bills for Ontarians

The government has committed to lowering hydro bills by 12 per cent. Every action the government takes to reduce the cost of electricity will result in savings passed along to electricity customers.

Actions taken to date include:

  • Amending the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998, to require the Ontario Energy Board to exclude any compensation paid to Hydro One's Chief Executive Officer and other executives from customer rates for Hydro One.
  • Cancelling more than 750 wasteful energy contracts to save $790 million for Ontario electricity customers.
  • Establishing a new leadership team at Hydro One that will consider Ontario's electricity customers in all of its planning. This will lead to a more efficient and affordable electricity system over time.

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