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Minister's Statement - Bill C-69 Passed by the Senate


Minister's Statement - Bill C-69 Passed by the Senate

TORONTO — Today, Greg Rickford, Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines issued the following statement regarding the passage of Bill C-69 by the Senate:

"The Ontario Government is profoundly disappointed that Bill C-69 has been passed by the Senate. We remain firm in our position that Bill C-69 is misguided legislation that will negatively impact resource development and the energy sector in Ontario and across Canada, killing jobs that hardworking families depend on to make ends meet.

Our government was elected on an ambitious plan to cut red tape and unnecessary regulations so that we can create an environment that welcomes investment, opportunity, and economic growth. We remain committed to making our province open for business and open for jobs. It's why I travelled to Ottawa in February to defend and support industry interests and offer sensible recommendations to the Senate Standing Committee about the negative impact Bill C-69 will have on Canadian energy and resource development projects.

The development of Ontario's vast and rich supply of natural resources, energy infrastructure and mining each play critical roles in driving economic growth and job creation. Adding red tape and new regulatory hurdles kills investments in new projects, job growth, and creates significant unpredictability around resource development. The federal government has heard clearly from provincial governments, stakeholders and industry that Bill C-69 creates a less-efficient and unworkable framework around project approval and regulatory review. It acts to stifle competitiveness in a critical Canadian sector and fails in its claim of balanced environmental protection. The people of Ontario, and all of Canada, deserve better.

Today is a bad day for hardworking Canadian families who will once again be asked to shoulder the burden of job-losses, and skyrocketing costs. Our government recognizes the importance of safeguarding the environment, in a way that supports our competitiveness. We will continue to work hard to protect Ontario jobs and increase investment across the province."

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