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Controlling disease with rabies baits

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Controlling disease with rabies baits

McGuinty Government Distributing Vaccine To Protect Public Health

This summer, the province will distribute 1.2 million baits containing a vaccine to control rabies in skunks and foxes. The vaccine will also help Ontario remain free of raccoon rabies.

The baits will be distributed by aircraft or by hand in the following areas:

  • Throughout southwestern Ontario
  • Along the Welland Canal in Niagara region
  • On selected islands in the St. Lawrence River and
  • In urban green spaces in Guelph and Cambridge.

The public is asked to please leave baits undisturbed if encountered.

A limited number of rabies cases are still found in southwestern Ontario.  Rabies is also present near the United States border in the Niagara and St. Lawrence River areas.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario has reduced rabies cases in the province by over 98 per cent since rabies control programs began in 1992.
  • Ontario has been raccoon rabies free since September 2005.
  • Exposure to a bait is not harmful to people or pets, but if people or pets come in contact with the vaccine contained in the bait, contacting a doctor or veterinarian as a precaution is recommended.
  • Flavoured baits containing rabies vaccine immunize most skunks, foxes and raccoons that eat them.

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“Ontario has developed an oral rabies vaccine for raccoons and skunks that is proving to be the most effective in North America. Our province continues to be a world leader in rabies control.”

Donna Cansfield

Minister of Natural Resources



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