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New protected areas proposed in northeastern Ontario

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New protected areas proposed in northeastern Ontario

McGuinty Government Invites Public Comment On Plan To Free Mining Claims And Private Lands

The public is invited to comment on new protected areas put forward to replace a proposed conservation reserve in northeastern Ontario.

Additions to Grassy River Halliday Lake Forest and Lowlands Conservation Reserve, Ivanhoe River Clay Plain Conservation Reserve and Chapleau Nemegosenda River Provincial Park are proposed as alternatives to a planned Woman River Complex conservation reserve. The proposed Woman River Complex conservation reserve included areas previously staked by prospectors, as well as areas of private land.

Details of the proposal are posted on the province's Environmental Registry at ontario.ca/environmental registry, Registry Number 010-2514.

The Ministry of Natural Resources worked with representatives of environmental groups, prospectors, First Nations, members of the forest industry and other provincial ministries to select the new protected areas.

Quick Facts

  • The new lands proposed for protection are equal in size to the previously planned conservation reserve – 9,700 hectares.
  • The new lands encompass diverse ecosystems, including significant wetlands, osprey nesting sites, stands of old-growth forest, and an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest.

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“By proposing new protected areas to replace previously staked land, we are supporting economic development in the North while conserving Ontario's natural heritage.”

Donna Cansfield

Minister of Natural Resources

“It is possible for environmentalists, First Nations, the mining and forestry industry to agree. We did it. We successfully completed the planning for new protected areas effectively addressing the loss of the Woman River Complex Conservation Reserve.”

Evan Ferrari

Director, Parks and Protected Areas, CPAWS Wildlands League



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