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2008 Ontario Stewardship Ranger Program in the Greater Toronto Area

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2008 Ontario Stewardship Ranger Program in the Greater Toronto Area

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Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

What is the Ontario Stewardship Ranger Program?

• The Ontario Stewardship Ranger Program provides 17-year-olds across Ontario with valuable experience and skills by employing them to work on a wide range of projects related to the environment and natural resource management.
• Local youths spend eight weeks working with conservation groups and public agencies, focusing on community-based environmental projects.

How many Ontario Stewardship Ranger teams are there in the Greater Toronto Area?

• In 2008 there were eight Ontario Stewardship Ranger teams in the Greater Toronto Area.
• Teams include four students and a team leader. One student was hired as a coordinator.
• Two of the ranger teams were funded through the ministry's youth programs office, one was funded through provincial Lake Simcoe protection funding, and sponsor partners funded five other teams.
• Over the life of the Stewardship Ranger Program in the Greater Toronto Area, it has employed a total of 195 Ontario stewardship rangers, team leads and coordinators.

How many Ontario Stewardship Ranger teams are there in Ontario?

• In 2008 there were 36 Ontario Stewardship Ranger teams across Ontario.

Who hires the Ontario Stewardship Rangers?

• The young people are hired and supervised by local Ontario Stewardship councils, which are part of the Ministry of Natural Resources Ontario Stewardship Program.

What is the role of funding partners?

• Since the 2001 start of the Ontario Stewardship Ranger Program in the Greater Toronto Area, funding partners have contributed about $600,000 to the program, which has funded a total of 17 ranger teams.
• The partners have also played an important role in planning programs and have provided technical and material support for the Stewardship Ranger projects.

Who are the partners?

• The funding partners for the 2008 Ontario Stewardship Ranger Program in the Greater Toronto Area are:

  • City of Brampton
  • City of Oshawa
  • Credit Valley Conservation
  • Conservation Halton
  • Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
  • Municipality of Clarington
  • Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation
  • Oak Ridges Trail Association
  • Regional Municipality of Halton
  • Regional Municipality of York
  • Toronto and Region Conservation
  • Town of Newmarket
  • Trees Ontario.

• Partners who provided program opportunities and in-kind contributions are:

  • Forest Gene Conservation Association
  • Windfall Ecology Centre.

2008 Highlights - Greater Toronto Area Ontario Stewardship Ranger Teams

Aurora Durham Ontario Stewardship Rangers

• Completed surveys assessing white pine survival and helped maintain existing trails in several York Regional Forest tracts
• Constructed a boardwalk at the Puck's Farm Property in King Township
• Built a section of new trail at the Samuel Wilmot Nature Area, pruned trees and cleared brush

Brampton Ontario Stewardship Rangers

• Improved two lengths of channel along Fletcher's Creek using gabion baskets (quantities of rocks encased in steel mesh) to help prevent bank erosion at Fred Klein Park
• Cleared debris jams and did general stream clean-up in Fletcher's and Etobicoke creeks

Halton Ontario Stewardship Rangers
• Installed 30 metres of wooden fence or palisade, removed invasive species, installed new bark on a longhouse, and moved educational graphics at the Crawford Lake Iroquois Village
• Widened hiking trails and removed several small beaver dams in the Halton Regional Forest
• Closed trails for naturalization, built a 5-metre boardwalk, and installed a spring drainage channel and log edges on 1.2 kilometres of trail on Credit Valley Conservation properties

Lake Simcoe Ontario Stewardship Rangers

• Built 20 bass nesting structures in a prime smallmouth bass spawning area at Port Bolster
• Helped inventory species at risk and invasive species and completed trail maintenance on Georgina Island with First Nations youth
• Helped improve shorelines and remove invasive species at Roches Point

Oak Ridges Moraine Ontario Stewardship Rangers

• Helped restore a black oak savannah at Alderville First Nation by removing invasive species and constructing a "hibernaculum" or den for hibernating hognose snakes
• Planted naturally occurring wildflowers and grasses at Alderville Woods Natural Habitat Area
• Mapped locations of invasive buckthorn and removed invasive species such as Dog Strangling Vine at Uxbridge Countryside Preserve

Newmarket Ontario Stewardship Rangers

• Helped identify species at risk and removed invasive species at the Holland Landing Prairie property
• Cleared and mapped trails, helped separate a pond from a stream to restore stream flow, and helped stabilize creek slopes on various Lake Simcoe Conservation properties 
• Carried out general stream cleanup of Bogart Creek

Toronto Ontario Stewardship Rangers 
• Helped restore wetlands at Tommy Thompson Park by planting aquatic plants, transplanting cattails and installing silt fencing
• Helped build a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified house at the Kortright Centre
• Constructed shorebird traps and completed fish population inventories through fish seining and electrofishing along Lake Ontario

Woodbridge Ontario Stewardship Rangers

• Helped restore wetlands at Clairville Conservation Area by transplanting cattails and planting aquatic plants, removed invasive species such as European Buckthorn, and mulched trees
• Helped build a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified house at the Kortright Centre
• Inventoried fish populations in Lake Ontario using fish seining and electrofishing.



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