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Creating opportunities for the forest industry

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Creating opportunities for the forest industry


Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Ontario's forest biofibre policy will help in the development of non-conventional forest products, encourage new investment in emerging markets, and improve the competitiveness of Ontario's forest sector.

Forest biofibre comes from tree tops and limbs, trees which currently are not marketable as traditional forest products and trees salvaged after being damaged by fire, wind or other types of damage.  Forests cover almost 60 per cent of Ontario, and 90 per cent of forested lands are provincially owned and known as Crown lands.

The right to use biofibre will be conveyed through a licence issued under the Crown Forest Sustainability Act.  Biofibre harvesting will only take place on areas selected for harvest in approved forest management plans.  It will also take place in previously harvested areas only where it will not compromise forest renewal requirements.

Harvesting of biofibre will occur in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner. Tree stumps and other downed woody material will not be harvested.

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