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Kawartha Highlands Park Hunting Rules Change

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Kawartha Highlands Park Hunting Rules Change

McGuinty Government Considers Interests of All Park Users

After extensive consultation with the public, park users and other stakeholders, the Ontario government has made changes to the hunting seasons in Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park.

Balancing both the interests of the environment and traditional recreational usage in Ontario Parks, the amendments to the hunting rules for the park are:

  • Hunting will be prohibited from the Friday before Victoria Day to August 31 to minimize potential conflicts with other park users.
  • Hunting will be permitted from September 1 to the Thursday before Victoria Day for most of the game species that may be hunted outside of the park, with some exceptions.

Quick Facts

  • Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park is located 50 kilometres north of Peterborough, along the southern edge of the Canadian Shield. Covering more than 37,000 hectares, it is the largest provincial park south of Algonquin.
  • The Ontario government received more than 2,700 submissions in response to its online Environmental Registry posting, resulting in revisions to the proposal.
  • Hunting is permitted in 128 of the 330 provincial parks in Ontario.

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“The Ontario government is working to provide a balanced approach to park management. We are committed to maintaining the park’s semi-wilderness character while providing opportunities for the continuation of compatible existing and traditional recreational uses.”

Donna Cansfield

Minister of Natural Resources



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