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Stocking Benefits Anglers and Fish Populations

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Stocking Benefits Anglers and Fish Populations

Ministry Of Natural Resources Program Supports Year-Round Fishing Opportunities

Fish stocking is underway in waters from the Manitoba border to Manitouwadge, and from Lake Superior to Red Lake.

The Ministry of Natural Resources stocks fish each year to protect natural fish populations and support year-round fishing opportunities for residents and visitors.

The ministry stocks about 50 lakes within the Thunder Bay District each spring. Fish stocking began May 14 and will be completed by June 1. This year, Thunder Bay District lakes will be stocked with:

• 135,000 brook trout
• 20,000 splake (a hybrid between lake and brook trout)
• 2,000 rainbow trout.

The fish being stocked come from the modernized and expanded Dorion Fish Culture Station, which reopened in October. The ministry stocks about seven million fish each year across the province, with about 600,000 of those coming from Dorion.

Fish are transported to the lakes by truck or helicopter. The ministry surveys stocked lakes regularly to ensure the fish are growing and providing angling opportunities.

Quick Facts

  • Stocked lakes help to reduce angling pressure on natural fisheries - lakes that reproduce on their own - so natural fish populations aren't over-exploited.
  • Stocked fish are either fry (a few months old) or yearling (eighteen months old). This year, fry-stocked lakes receive 2,000 to 10,000 fish per lake while yearling-stocked lakes receive 250 to 5,000 fish.
  • Since 2008, some stocked lakes in Thunder Bay District have been open for fishing all year round. There are no size restrictions on catches, but anglers still need to adhere to the catch limits prescribed in 2008-2009 Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary.

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