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Sturgeon Survey Starting In Batchawana Bay

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Sturgeon Survey Starting In Batchawana Bay

Information Gathered Will Help Manage Fishery

The Ministry of Natural Resources will be conducting a lake sturgeon survey in Batchawana Bay starting next week.

Lake sturgeon is listed as a species of special concern under the Endangered Species Act. This project will collect genetic information about the sturgeon stocks in Batchawana Bay, which will contribute to the management of this unique species.

Gill nets will be used to capture sturgeon in relatively shallow areas of the bay and will remain in the water overnight. The nets will be identified with orange buoys at both ends labelled "OMNR". Boaters should avoid travelling between these buoys due to the nets in the bay.

Field staff will collect biological information such as length and weight, remove a small section of fin ray for later genetic analysis, and "live release" all sturgeon captured.

Quick Facts

  • The lake sturgeon is Canada's largest freshwater fish species.
  • Ontario is home to more than 30,000 species of plants and animals, of which more than 180 are at risk.
  • To protect the sturgeon population, recreational anglers and licensed commercial fishers are not allowed to keep any lake sturgeon they may catch in Lake Superior or its tributaries.
  • It is an offence under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act to interfere with or tamper with gillnets set for commercial or scientific use.

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