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Species At Risk Stewardship Fund Projects In the Greater Toronto Area

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Species At Risk Stewardship Fund Projects In the Greater Toronto Area

This year, Ontario's Species At Risk Stewardship Program is helping 10 organizations in the Greater Toronto Area protect species at risk and their habitat through 15 local projects. Province-wide, the Species at Risk Stewardship Fund will support 118 projects.

Through these projects, organizations and landowners work together to protect habitat and raise local awareness for species at risk. Voluntary conservation efforts are essential to species recovery since many of Ontario's species at risk are found on private lands.

The Species at Risk Stewardship Fund supports greater public involvement in projects which aim to:
• improve the status of species at risk and their habitats through stewardship and recovery activities
• encourage involvement in stewardship activities through outreach, education or youth employment
• increase stewardship-related knowledge and skills of interested landowners or groups.

Ontario is home to more than 30,000 species of plants and animals, of which more than 180 are at risk. Under the Endangered Species Act, an independent team of experts determines which species are classified as "at risk" in Ontario.

The following 15 projects are being funded in the Greater Toronto Area:

Durham Land Stewardship Council

  • $34,900 to update and expand turtle habitat information, habitat enhancement and education programs across the Greater Toronto Area
  • $19,700 to consolidate and map information on at-risk plants in the Greater Toronto Area and bordering regions
  • $21,000 to collect and update nesting and occurrence data for at-risk birds in wetlands across the Greater Toronto Area

Earth Rangers

  • $66,841 to partner with local organizations to develop and deliver community and school shows on species at risk

Halton-Peel Woodlands & Wildlife Stewardship Council

  • $10,000 to restore redside dace habitat and install educational signs
  • $13,400 to establish grassland habitat to encourage Henslow's Sparrow to breed, rear and feed in the area

Nature Conservancy of Canada

  • $9,460 to support a landowner outreach and recognition program for the Happy Valley Forest, which provides habitat for species at risk near King City

Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

  • $120,302 to collect biological and environmental information about Lake Ontario Atlantic Salmon, move the fish over dams to ideal spawning habitat and document spawning

Ontario Streams

  • $26,138 to restore and rehabilitate degraded redside dace habitats and protect existing populations and habitats, focusing on the Rouge and Humber River watersheds

Sciensational Sssnakes!!

  • $54,902 to conduct hands-on outreach programs targeted at people who live, work, or visit areas with at-risk reptiles

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation

  • $36,900 to protect and monitor the peregrine falcon in urban habitats and encourage building owners, school children and the public to engage in stewardship activities to support peregrine nests in their community

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

  • $12,185 to identify breeding ponds of the Jefferson salamander, reduce salamander deaths on Stouffville Road, and reforest potential habitat in the Jefferson Forest area in Richmond Hill
  • $15,625 to track changes within a small stream of the Rouge River as adjacent lands urbanize, create educational material and develop a local business outreach plan
  • $27,670 to enhance habitat and reduce the threat to species at risk posed by three invasive species - garlic mustard, dog-strangling vine and buckthorn - in the East Duffins Creek headwaters

Toronto Zoo

  • $31,360 to support a program for elementary school children about Great Lakes ecology, including the protection of species at risk

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