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New Fire Fighting Facility Opens in Hearst

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New Fire Fighting Facility Opens in Hearst

McGuinty Government Protecting Natural Resources And Strengthening Economy

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

A new fire attack base in Hearst opened today that will help protect northern communities and the region's forest resources.

The new office building and warehouse are strategically located to respond to fires in a large part of Northern Ontario, including the Hearst, Hornepayne and Kapuskasing areas. The base also supports other ministry bases in the Cochrane, Wawa and Geraldton areas and is near the Ministry of Natural Resources' Hearst District Office to allow greater efficiency and sharing of resources.

These infrastructure improvements boosted the local economy during construction and now ensure firefighters and support staff have up-to-date facilities with a back-up generator, radio systems and other modern features.

Quick Facts

  • The government invested $3.9 million to build this new fire attack base.
  • The headquarters will house 18 firefighters and four support staff during the fire season and four fire management staff year-round.
  • The Hearst fire attack base also includes a centre for managing emergency responses for floods, dam failures and power outages.
  • The new facility is designed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards to be practical, energy efficient, durable and easy to maintain.

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“Quick, effective response to forest fire emergencies safeguards northern residents and northern forests. The new facility will ensure more efficient management of forest fires and will help us retain top-quality staff by providing the modern equipment and space they need to do the best possible job.”

Donna Cansfield

Minister of Natural Resources



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