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2010 Youth Employment Programs

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2010 Youth Employment Programs


The Ontario Public Service provides a number of employment programs for youth across the province through the Ontario Summer Jobs Strategy.

The McGuinty government is reaching out to diverse youth and offering over 2,500 jobs in natural resource management as part of its Ontario Summer Jobs strategy 2010.  The Ministry of Natural Resources is investing $7.0 million in five targeted programs and partnering with the Ministry of Government Services that will spend another $4.0 million on natural resource management positions in three additional programs.
The Ministry of Natural Resources' five youth employment programs are:

  • The Ministry of Natural Resources Internship Program employs recent college or university graduates and those currently enrolled full-time in a post-secondary institution.  Ministry interns may complete a maximum of two 10-month placements, working in areas such as biodiversity protection, renewable energy, climate change, and ecological sustainability. Jobs are posted on the Ministry of Natural Resources' Youth Programs and Ontario Public Service Careers websites on an ongoing basis.
  • The Ontario Ranger Program is an eight-week summer job program that offers 16- and 17-year-olds a unique combination of outdoor work, learning and life experience.  Participants are required to spend eight weeks at one of the ministry's 13 Ontario Ranger camps. Rangers do a variety of jobs that help support biodiversity and combat climate change. Projects include maintaining trails and portages in Ontario Parks, helping with species at risk habitat restoration projects, and monitoring plant, fish and animal populations. There is also an opportunity for some students to gain two high school co-operative education credits through the program. Application packages for the 2010 Ontario Ranger season are available on the ministry's Youth Programs website.  The deadline is March 26, 2010.  To be eligible for the 2010 program, applicants must have been born in 1993.
  • The Ontario Stewardship Ranger Program is an eight-week summer job program that offers 16- and17-year-olds an opportunity to focus on community-based environmental projects that help support biodiversity and combat climate change. Ontario Stewardship Rangers work in partnership with many local organizations, including stewardship councils, conservation authorities, landowners, local industry, local municipalities and non-government organizations. Ontario Stewardship Rangers live at home, report to a central work location daily, and travel as a five-person team to different work sites. Work projects may include restoring wetlands, maintaining trails, building and erecting bird nesting boxes, and conducting research for species at risk. Starting in early March, team locations and contact information can be found on the ministry's Youth Programs website. Applicants apply directly to the team of their choice using the contact information. The application deadline is May 28, 2010. To be eligible for the 2010 program, applicants must have been born in 1993.
  • The Aboriginal Youth Work Exchange Program provides Aboriginal youth aged 15 to 24 (up to 29 for persons with a disability) with eight-week work placements focusing on resource management projects, job skills readiness training and personal development.  Each participant remains with the program over three consecutive summers.
  • The Post-secondary Cooperative Education Program is available to college and university students enrolled in a recognized co-operative education program.  Placements last from 12 to16 weeks during the summer or autumn school term.  Job opportunities are posted at the college/university placement office and applicants apply directly to the contact information in the posting. 

The Ministry of Government Services funds three additional employment programs for youth and new professionals that include opportunities in the field of natural resources management. 

  • The Summer Experience Program offers a variety of jobs to young people aged 15 to 24 (or up to age 29 for persons with a disability).  Participants work for seven weeks and obtain a broad range of skills and experience.  Positions are available in many fields, including research, policy, geographic information and communications.  The majority of natural resources positions are in Ontario Parks. Starting in early March, positions and contact information can be found on the Summer Experience Program website.
  • The Ontario Internship Program offers paid, two-year, entry-level employment opportunities in key professional fields across the Ontario Public Service.  The program is open to people with limited work experience who have graduated with a degree or diploma from a recognized university or college within the past two years.  Positions are offered in eight key professional focus areas: Business and Financial Planning, Communications, Human Resources, Information and Information Technology, Labour Relations, Policy Development, Project Management and Program and Service Delivery.
  • The OPS Internship Program for Internationally Trained Individuals (ITI) is an innovative internship program designed specifically for professional newcomers to Canada, so that they can earn valuable Canadian work experience in their professional fields within the Ontario Public Service (OPS). The Ministry of Government Services' Youth and New Professionals Secretariat will administer the program across the OPS by partnering with the Career Edge Organization through their Career Bridge Program. OPS ITI internships are six-month paid opportunities. Internationally trained individuals interested in becoming an intern in the ITI Program apply directly to Career Bridge. Candidates are screened for employment status, language ability and educational credentials before they are accepted into the registrant pool.

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