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Exciting New Job Opportunities For Youth

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Exciting New Job Opportunities For Youth

McGuinty Government Offers Natural Resources Positions

This year, thousands of youth from across the province will develop knowledge and skills in natural resources management through experience-based work and learning positions.

The province is offering more than 2,500 jobs to youth across Ontario through a range of programs including:

  • Ministry of Natural Resources Internship
  • Ontario Ranger
  • Ontario Stewardship Ranger
  • Aboriginal Youth Work Exchange
  • Post-secondary Co-op 

These complement other government-wide employment programs, such as the Ontario Internship and Summer Experience, all of which help to build Ontario's workforce.  

The Ontario Public Service is working to ensure that youth from all across Ontario have an equal opportunity to learn about natural resources management.

Quick Facts

  • The Ministry of Natural Resources is reaching out to youth in First Nations particularly in the Far North of Ontario, through events, social media, ambassadors and career fairs.
  • The Ontario Ranger program is now in its 66th year. It will provide an eight-week summer program for youth born in 1993.
  • The Summer Experience Program includes an investment from the federal government to support some skills training programs.

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“We are creating a new green economy in Ontario. Providing training and experience for Ontario's youth will both create knowledgeable workers, as well as advocates who will help us in the new economy. Investing in youth is both a smart thing to do and the right thing to do.”

Linda Jeffrey

Minister of Natural Resources

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