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Species At Risk Stewardship Fund Projects 2010

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Species At Risk Stewardship Fund Projects 2010


Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

This year, Ontario is providing more than $3.6 million in funding for 113 projects to protect at-risk species and their habitat through the Species at Risk Stewardship Fund.

The fund supports greater public involvement in a variety of species at risk protection and recovery activities.

The following individuals and groups were eligible to apply for grants under this year's program:

  • Landowners and farmers
  • Non-government organizations
  • Aboriginal communities/organizations
  • Academic institutions
  • Conservation Authorities
  • Stewardship Councils
  • Municipal and local governments
  • Individual businesses
  • Industry organizations

The Species at Risk Stewardship Fund supports projects which aim to:

  • Improve the status of species at risk and their habitats through stewardship and recovery activities
  • Encourage involvement in stewardship activities through outreach, education or youth employment
  • Increase stewardship-related knowledge and skills of interested landowners or groups.

Below is the complete list of projects receiving funding under the 2010/11 Species at Risk Stewardship Fund.  

Northwestern Ontario


Project Title

Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council Inc.

Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge Collection Initiative: Species at Risk in the Kabapikotawangag region

Cat Lake and Slate Falls First Nation

Identification of Woodland Caribou Critical Summer Habitat within the Cat Lake / Slate Falls First Nation Traditional Area

Lakehead Region Conservation Authority

Species at Risk in the Watershed of the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority

Long Lake Forest Products Inc.

Woodland Caribou Habitat Improvement Project

Ochiichagwe'babigo'ining Ojibway Nation

Ochiichagwe'babigo'ining Lake Sturgeon Assessment, Habitat Analysis, and Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge Collection

Ontario Fur Managers Federation

Wolverine Best Management Practices Project

Quetico Foundation

Quetico Lake Sturgeon Survey

Thunder Bay Field Naturalists

Common Nighthawk Monitoring at Thunder Cape Bird Observatory

Thunder Bay Field Naturalists Project Peregrine 2010

Wawakapewin First Nation

Wawakapewin Lake Sturgeon Population Assessment and Movement

Northeastern Ontario


Project Title

Anishinabek / Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre

Pic River Lake Sturgeon Migration and Habitat Utilization Study

Niijkiwenhwag - Friends of Lake Superior Park

Peregrine Falcon Survey in eastern Lake Superior (Lake Superior Provincial Park and adjacent areas)


Corridors for Life II: Rehabilitating Powerline Corridors for Wood Turtles, Monarchs, and other Species at Risk

Northeast Superior Forest Community Corporation

Determining Habitat Use and Movement of the Nagagami Caribou to Support Habitat Restoration and Land Use Strategies

Science North

Species at Risk Awareness Program - Who Are They and What Can We Do?

United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin

Studying the Presence of Select Plant Taxonomy within United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin First Nations While Building Traditional Ecological Knowledge into Species at Risk Recovery

Wikwemikong Lands Department

Enii-zang-aab-wii-mgak Wii-aab-zii-aah-ing Maam-pii Wikwemikong (Species at Risk Here in Wikwemikong)

Southeastern Ontario


Project Title

Alderville First Nation

Alderville Black Oak Savanna Tallgrass Prairie Restoration and Expansion of Quality Habitat

Alderville Black Oak Savanna Roadside Restoration and Habitat Connectivity

Arnprior and District Fish and Game Club

Ottawa River American Eel Telemetry Project

Centre for Sustainable Watersheds

Delivery of Six BioBlitz Inventories on Private Lands in Lanark and Leeds Counties

Clear/ Stony/ White Lake Plan Environment Council

Clear/Stony/White Lake Wetland Evaluation Project for Conservation of Habitat for Species at Risk

Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County

Species at Risk Road Sightings (Alive and Dead) Lanark County -- Pilot

Eastern Ontario Model Forest

Habitat Surveys to Validate Habitat Models for 10 Species at Risk

Friends of Murphys Point Park

Gray Ratsnake Hibernacula Monitoring

Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve

Surveying American Water-willow in the 1000 Islands

Surveying Species at Risk in Evaluated Wetlands within the Frontenac Biosphere Reserve

Grenville Land Stewardship Council

Discovering Common Ground: a 4-H Species at Risk Outreach Project

Leeds County Stewardship Council

Leeds County Species at Risk Workshops for Teachers

Lennox and Addington Stewardship Council

Assessment of Movement Patterns and Habitat Use by the Short-eared Owl on Amherst and Wolfe Islands

Species At Risk in the Classrooms of Ontario

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority

Species at Risk Inventory of 12 Lanark County Community Forest Properties

Nature Conservancy of Canada

Habitat Improvement and Species Inventories of Species at Risk in Canada's Easterrnmost Tallgrass Prairie

Habitat Management, Outreach and Partnership Building for Species at Risk in the Napanee Plain   

Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

Community Stream Steward Program: Species at Risk Initiative

Ontario Nature

At-Risk Reptile Inventory and Habitat Assessment at Lost Bay

Otonabee Region Conservation Authority

Targetted Inventories to Support and Enhance Species At Risk Stewardship on Otonabee Conservation's Forest Properties

Ottawa Stewardship Council

Ottawa Chimney Swift Nesting Survey and Public Outreach Project

Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory

Birds at Risk Surveys in Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird Area

Prince Edward Stewardship Council

Eco-District 6E-15 Natural Heritage System Development and Landowner Engagement Program

Raisin Region Conservation Authority

Status of Bridle Shiner, Cutlip Minnow, River Redhorse, Grass Pickerel, and American Eel in the Cornwall Area of Concern

Status of the Musk Turtle, Blanding's Turtle, Northern Map Turtle, Spotted Turtle, Snapping Turtle, and Spiny Softshell Turtle in the Cornwall Area of Concern

Black Tern and Least Bittern Nesting Study within the Cornwall Area of Concern

Resource Stewardship Stormont Dundas & Glengarry

Species at Risk Restoration on the Rutley Family Property Located on Hoople Creek

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority Turtle Habitat Project

Fish Habitat Mapping of Aquatic Species at Risk in the Rideau Valley Watershed

American Eel Monitoring, Outreach and Barrier Assessment Project in the Rideau Valley Watershed

Seburn, David

Survey for Spotted Turtles in Eastern Ontario

South Nation Conservation Authority

South Nation Conservation Turtle Watch: Protecting, Promoting, and Enhancing Species at Risk Turtles and Their Habitat

Eastern Ontario American Ginseng Recovery and Restoration Program

Aquatic Species at risk in Southeastern Ontario: Monitoring and Recovery of Species at Risk Mussels, Fish and Invertebrates

American Eel and Sturgeon Rescue in the South Nation River Watershed

St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences

Population Surveys and Habitat Enhancement for Map Turtles the St. Lawrence River Area of Concern

Trent University

Where Are Red-headed Woodpeckers in Southeastern Ontario and How Can We Help Them?

Central Ontario


Project Title

Couchiching Conservancy

Carden Alvar Species at Risk Stewardship

Ramara Township Species At Risk Inventory and Monitoring Project

Friends of Nancy Island and Wasaga Beach Park

Southern Georgian Bay Piping Plover Volunteer Guardian Program

Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve

Engage Eastern Georgian Bay Residents in Voluntary Stewardship Actions to Conserve Multiple Species at Risk

Haliburton Highlands Land Trust

The Great Whip-poor-will Survey -- Community Mobilization and Habitat Modeling for Birds at Risk

Muskoka Heritage Foundation

Species at Risk Assessment and Wetland Evaluation of Concession Lake Wetland Complex

Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority

Development of Riparian Habitat Stewardship Plan Including Public Outreach for Nottawasaga River Lake Sturgeon

Town of South Bruce Peninsula

Piping Plover Program

Southwestern Ontario


Project Title

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority

The Ausable, Port Franks Community in Conservation

Bert Miller Nature Club

Ecological Survey of the Lake Erie Coast in Site District 7E-5

Bird Studies Canada

Multi-species Conservation Action for Birds at Risk

Brant Resource Stewardship Network

2010-11 Brantford/Brant/Six Nations Herptile Survey - Snakes

Canadian Chestnut Council

Facilitation of Breeding, Inoculation and Propagation to Benefit the American Chestnut Tree

Catfish Creek Conservation Authority

Small Whorled Pogonia Recovery Project - Phase II

City of Kitchener

Conservation and Stewardship of Blanding's Turtle in Waterloo Region

Environmental Leadership Program - Thames Valley District School Board


Essex County Stewardship Network

A Model Approach to Habitat Stewardship: Phase II Essex County & Chatham-Kent Eastern Foxsnakes

Essex Region Conservation Authority

Prothonotary Warbler Nesting Habitat Project

Friends of Pinery Park

Buying Time: Active Stewardship for Rare Turtles in the Old Ausable Channel

Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

Carolinian Forest Festival

Long Point Basin Land Trust

Conserving Reptiles and Promoting Species at Risk Stewardship in the Long Point Basin

Long Point Region Conservation Authority

Ecosystem Restoration on a Watershed Basis (Phase II)

Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation

Installing Funnel Walls and Barrier Fencing along the Long Point Causeway to Reduce Species at Risk Road Mortality

Middlesex Stewardship Council

Building Community Capacity for Tallgrass Establishment and Management in Southwestern Ontario

Oneida Nation of the Thames

Building Species at Risk Recovery Strategy Capacity in Oneida Nation of the Thames

Pelee Island Bird Observatory

Coordinating Avian Species at Risk Research and Education Programs on Pelee Island

Royal Botanical Gardens

Development of Species at Risk Special Protection Areas in a Growing Urban Centre

Rural Lambton Stewardship Network

Managing Invasive Species to Save and Restore Habitat for Species at Risk

Ruthven Park National Historic Site

Amphibian and Reptile Species at Risk Monitoring, Habitat Restoration, and Education Programs at Ruthven Park

St. Clair Region Conservation Authority

Sydenham River Habitat Stewardship Program

St. Williams Conservation Reserve Community Council

St. Williams Conservation Reserve Species at Risk Initiative

Stewardship Kent

Private Landowner Project to Support Foxsnake and Barn Owl Habitat - Prairie, Wetlands and Trees

Town of Fort Erie

Species at Risk on Beaver Creek Municipal Drain -- Habitat Study for the Spotted Turtle and Grass Pickerel

Trent University

American Badger Public Awareness, Outreach, and Monitoring Program in Ontario

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority Species at Risk Reptile Stewardship Program

Walpole Island Heritage Centre

Bkejwanong Eco-Keepers Implementing Species at Risk Recovery Actions on Walpole Island First Nation

Waterloo Stewardship Network

2010-11 Guelph District Tallgrass Prairie Enhancement Species at Risk Project

Greater Toronto Area


Project Title

Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority

Species at Risk Records Review & Inventory

Survey of Lynde Creek Redside Dace Habitat and Stewardship Opportunities

Conservation Halton Foundation

Species at Risk Protection and Occurrence Updates for Conservation Halton - Phase 3

Halton-Peel Woodlands & Wildlife Stewardship Council

Lake Sturgeon Identification Signage in the Credit River Watershed

Greater Toronto Area Redside Dace Recovery

Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

2011 Atlantic Salmon Classroom Hatchery Program Expansion

2010 Atlantic Salmon Smolt Assessment

2010 Atlantic Salmon Adult Return and Spawning Assessment

Ontario Streams

Redside Dace Habitat Rehabilitation Initiative

Illustrating the Role of Stormwater Management in Protecting Redside Dace and Their Habitats

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Habitat Assessment and Recovery Planning for Species at Risk in Rouge Park

Toronto Zoo

Great Lakes Outreach Program

Stewardship through Partnership: Mitigating Road Mortality and Other Threats to Species at Risk for Turtles

Regional / Province-wide


Project Title

Bird Studies Canada

Developing Best Stewardship Practices for Chimney Swifts

Carolinian Canada Coalition

Implementing Collaborative Strategic Action for Ecosystem and Multi-species Recovery in Southwestern Ontario

Earth Rangers

Earth Rangers Bring Back the Wild Show (multimedia show featuring live animals)

Forest Gene Conservation Association

The Cooperative Butternut Landowner Contact & Recovery Program -- 2010

Ontario Nature

The Ontario Herpetofaunal Atlas and Awareness Program

Pinegrove Productions

"Kids Can" Will Educate Youth about Species at Risk, Recognize Youth Involvement in Stewardship Projects and Inspire Others to Act

Sciensational Sssnakes!!

Reptiles at Risk on the Road 2010 Ontario Phase

Tallgrass Ontario

Creation of Seed Producing Prairies to Support Future Tallgrass Community Recovery Efforts

Wildlife Preservation Canada

Eastern Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Strategy Implementation in Ontario

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