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Grouse Season Opens September 15 In Northwest Ontario

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Grouse Season Opens September 15 In Northwest Ontario


Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Grouse hunting season opens across most of northwestern Ontario on September 15.

Ruffed grouse, spruce grouse and sharp-tailed grouse are the most common upland game birds in the northwest.

  • The daily limit for ruffed grouse and spruce grouse is a combined total of five. The possession limit is a combined total of 15.
  • The daily limit for sharp-tailed grouse and ptarmigan is five each. The possession limit is 15 each.
  • These limits apply to both resident and non-resident hunters.
  • Hunters are reminded to carry a valid hunting licence while hunting.
Ruffed and spruce grouse are commonly found on bush trails in forested areas where they feed during the day. Sharp-tailed grouse are typically found in harvested areas and large wetlands.

Populations of these small game birds fluctuate from year to year. The warm spring this year provided good conditions for grouse.


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