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Hawkesbury Cleanup Work to Begin This Summer

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Hawkesbury Cleanup Work to Begin This Summer

McGuinty Government Providing More Clean And Green Space

Ontario will begin work to transform Hawkesbury's waterfront from a former industrial waste disposal site into a recreational area.

Cleaning up the former Canadian International Paper Wet Lagoon site will help provide its residents with cleaner air and water, benefit the local economy, and create a clean, green space for residents and tourists.

The first phase of the clean-up will begin this summer with testing and evaluating the best way to excavate sludge and remove wastewater at the site. This information will be used to develop a plan for rehabilitating the site.

This is part of the Open Ontario plan to build a stronger economy as it continues to turn the corner and create jobs while protecting the environment.

Quick Facts

  • The Canadian International Paper Company began operations in the 1890s and continued until 1985 when it closed the mill and tore it down. The land was re-established as Crown land and the province assumed responsibility for the lagoon.
  • At the time the mill closed, there were no regulations in place requiring the company to clean it up. Waste disposal sites are now required by law to have approved closure plans in place.
  • Tendering for phase one of the project will start in early May, with testing and evaluation work expected to start in July of this year.

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“This project is a significant investment in the health of the environment and will provide cleaner air and water for the people living in Hawkesbury. It will also provide recreational clean and green space on the waterfront for the future.”

Linda Jeffrey

Minister of Natural Resources

“The clean-up of this site is excellent news for the people of Hawkesbury. Cleaner air and water along with a better waterfront will make Eastern Ontario more competitive and offer an even better quality of life.”

Jean-Marc Lalonde

MPP, Glengarry-Prescott-Russell

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