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All-Party Committee Review of Aggregate Resources Act

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All-Party Committee Review of Aggregate Resources Act

Committee Findings To Help Shape Long-Term Aggregates Plan for Ontario

The Standing Committee on General Government, an all-party committee of the legislature, has been directed by the Ontario legislature to develop recommendations to strengthen the Aggregate Resources Act.

Aggregate resources such as sand and gravel are vital to Ontario's economy -- they are used to build roads, subway tunnels, hospitals and schools. The need for aggregates must also be balanced with the protection of other important resources, like water, green space and agricultural lands.

While aggregates are plentiful in Ontario, recent studies show that rising demand due to population growth and land constraints could significantly deplete resources within 20 years.

By seeking advice and gaining insight from key stakeholders, the committee will make recommendations to the government about how to strengthen the Act.

Quick Facts

  • Aggregate resources are sand, gravel, clay, earth and rock. They are extracted from pits and quarries.
  • The Aggregate Resources Act provides for the management of the aggregate resources of Ontario. The Act controls and regulates aggregate operations on both Crown lands and private lands.
  • Approximately 80 per cent of aggregates are sourced from southern Ontario.
  • The Aggregate Resources Act first came in place in 1990 and was last updated in 1997.

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“Aggregate resources are essential for modern society. We all have a shared responsibility for better management of our limited aggregate resources. The all-party committee provides a wonderful opportunity to ensure that we all have a say in the future management of this vital resource”

Michael Gravelle

Minister of Natural Resources

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