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More Local Say in Forest Management

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More Local Say in Forest Management

McGuinty Government Growing Forestry Sector, Creating Jobs

Ontario has entered into an historic partnership with Obishikokaang Resources, a forest management corporation owned by Lac Seul First Nation, by issuing an enhanced Forest Resource Licence that will create jobs and boost the local economy.

This is the first Forest Resource Licence that enables a community to not only harvest wood, but manage the forest it comes from. The enhanced licence will provide opportunities for Lac Seul First Nation to fully participate in negotiations about a new tenure model for the forest and to ensure the ongoing sustainability of Ontario's Crown forests. It will also help the community gain practical experience in forest management while stimulating local economic development and creating jobs. Modernizing the management of wood supply is part of the McGuinty government's Growth Plan for Northern Ontario. A strong Northern economy protects the services that are most important to Ontario families -- health care and education.

Quick Facts

  • The enhanced Forest Resource Licence is valid for up to five years.
  • Obishikokaang Resources is expected to create approximately six full-time jobs in the community.
  • A majority of the Lac Seul Forest is in the traditional area of Lac Seul First Nation.
  • Obishikokaang Resources recently signed an agreement with Domtar and traditional operators to ensure that operations continue on the forest.

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“This arrangement will enhance Lac Seul First Nation's involvement in local forest management planning and position First Nations for more meaningful involvement in any new tenure models. The ministry looks forward to working with Obishikokaang, Lac Seul First Nation and the other partners toward the success of this initiative.”

Michael Gravelle

Minister of Natural Resources

“The opportunity to participate in the management of the Lac Seul forest is a great day for our people, as we have been waiting for over a hundred years to have a greater say in the management of our lands.”

Chief Clifford Bull

Lac Seul First Nation

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