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What People Are Saying About Biodiversity: It's In Our Nature

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What People Are Saying About Biodiversity: It's In Our Nature

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

What People Are Saying About Biodiversity: It's In Our Nature

"By bringing sixteen provincial ministerial departments and a wide range of local actors to work together to conserve biodiversity and contribute to reaching the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, the Ontario Government Plan to Conserve Biodiversity 2012-2020 demonstrates that sub-national initiatives play a catalytic role in mainstreaming biodiversity across all sectors of government and civil society. I commend all stakeholders involved and am convinced that their initiative will resonate throughout the province and beyond."

— Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, United Nations

"People often forget that we are not only part of biodiversity, but also completely dependent on its services. As humanity's demand on biocapacity—the biosphere's productive land and sea area— increases, we are putting ourselves into a tight spot. We commend Ontario's plan to conserve biodiversity for recognizing this challenge and for advocating Footprint reduction as a core strategy for achieving a biodiverse-friendly, productive and stable society."

— Dr. Mathis Wackernagel, President, Global Footprint Network

"The Canadian Business and Biodiversity Council welcomes the Ontario Government Plan to Conserve Biodiversity.  By taking strong leadership as demonstrated through this plan, the Ontario Government will help others who are prepared to show leadership through managing their facilities and activities in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner achieve biodiversity conservation objectives. The plan recognizes that these objectives can be accomplished through partnerships involving business, government, non-government and others."

— Reg Melanson, Executive Director, Canadian Business and Biodiversity Council

"The mainstreaming of biodiversity across society is essential to our health and well-being, and we hold that responsibility for future generations.  The Government of Ontario Plan for Biodiversity goes a long way to integrate biodiversity into the operations of all government ministries. The Province's leadership position will help to deliver the cultural shift that is so necessary to halt biodiversity loss and to advance recovery."

— L.G. "Len" Ugarenko, President, Wildlife Habitat Canada

"The Ontario Government is showing tremendous leadership to address threats to biodiversity. This plan recognizes that invasive species are a key threat to Ontario's ecosystems and native species.  The Invasive Species Centre contributes to the objectives of the plan through such measures as people engagement and technology/information transfer to help reduce the threat of aquatic and terrestrial invasive species and promote the health of Ontario's ecosystems."  

— Bob Lambe, Executive Director, Invasive Species Centre

"Biodiversity is vital to the health of each and every one of us and to our communities.  The Ontario Biodiversity Council is extremely pleased to see the government's positive response to Ontario's Biodiversity Strategy, 2011.  In 2011, Council challenged all sectors to demonstrate actions they take to achieve Ontario's conservation vision.  The Ontario Government is the first to step up to the plate and deliver.   Council views the addition of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to the Government Plan as a very positive step."

— Jon Grant, Chair, Ontario Biodiversity Council

"As a member of the Ontario Biodiversity Council and as President of Trees Ontario, I am extremely pleased to see the government's positive response in addressing many of the actions contained in Ontario's Biodiversity Strategy. Mainstreaming biodiversity into planning and operations across government is a key step in conserving biodiversity and securing our quality of life for generations to come. The government has just stepped up to the plate and has provided the leadership role that we need to engage other sectors, including business."

— Steve Hounsell, President, Trees Ontario

"Biodiversity conservation begins at all levels.  I applaud the Ontario government on the release of Biodiversity: It's In Our Nature.  This gesture from the Ontario government represents that they are making the effort to set the stage to increase awareness and put words into action.  The Ontario Forestry Association has always recognized the strength in our youth and the need to foster an appreciation of biodiversity at a young age. This implementation plan spans not only our province, but generations, ensuring a healthy future for our children."

— Carla Grant, Executive Director, Ontario Forestry Association

"A typical Ontario mine, including access roads and tailings, takes up less than five sq kms, while all of Ontario's past and present mines occupy about 0.03% of the province's total land area. Ontario's mining industry welcomes the government's plan to conserve biodiversity, and the opportunity for us to reduce our impact on the landscape even further. We look forward to working in partnership with the government and other stakeholders to achieve Ontario's conservation vision."

— Chris Hodgson, President, Ontario Mining Association

"OSSGA has been a member of the Biodiversity Council since its inception and supports this plan to protect and enhance Ontario's biodiversity. The pits and quarries that provide essential materials to build Ontario's homes, schools and roads are diverse landscapes that contribute to regional ecosystems.  Biodiversity values are incorporated into our activities every day and we are committed to the long term implementation of this important plan."

— Moreen Miller, CEO, Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association

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