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Top Ten Things to Know When Camping This Summer

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Top Ten Things to Know When Camping This Summer

Summer is a great time to camp in Ontario provincial parks. Whether you're a new or experienced camper, here are tips to help make the experience more enjoyable and safe.

  1. Use the Park Locator to find the park that is ideal for you.
  2. Make a camping list and check it twice. This will help you better plan your trip.
  3. Check the camp rules so you know what’s expected before arriving at the park.
  4. Store your food to keep bears, bees and other wildlife from getting too close for comfort.
  5. Learn how and where to build a campfire, and how to properly extinguish it. We want to keep our parks safe for years to come.
  6. Find out about the many ways you can minimize your garbage and help keep our parks clean.
  7. If you’re a pet lover, find great ways to make the experience more enjoyable for you, your pet and your neighbouring campers.
  8. Pack and store your camping gear carefully to make sure it’s ready to use next summer.
  9. Get tasty recipes that are easy to cook on the barbecue, camp stove or over a campfire.
  10. Try out new games and activities and look for our park events.

Get more camping tips through Learn To Camp @ Ontario Parks.

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