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Outdoors Card Renewal Reminder

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Outdoors Card Renewal Reminder

You Need an Outdoors Card before Buying Licence Tags to Fish, Hunt in Ontario

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Ontario is reminding anglers and hunters to renew their Outdoors Cards.

Most people need an Outdoors Card, along with a hunting or fishing licence tag, to hunt or fish in the province. 

The card is valid for three calendar years and all cards expire on the same date at the end of the three-year term -- Dec. 31. If your card has expired or is about to expire, renewals for 2014 Outdoors Cards are available beginning Dec. 3, 2013.   

Outdoors Cards can be renewed:

Quick Facts

  • Approximately 675,000 Outdoors Cards were sold in Ontario in 2012.
  • Ontario has 1.26-million licensed anglers and over 500,000 hunters. Together, recreational fishing and hunting generate more than $4 billion for the Ontario economy.
  • An Outdoors Card costs $9.68 and is valid for three calendar years.
  • All revenue from the sales of hunting and fishing licences in Ontario is used for wildlife and fisheries management.

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