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Moose Project Invites Ontarians to Provide Input on Conservation Efforts

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Moose Project Invites Ontarians to Provide Input on Conservation Efforts

Working to Protect Moose in Ontario

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

The province has completed phase one of consultations on the Moose Project and is now inviting Ontarians to provide feedback on proposed changes the government is putting forward to help further address declining moose populations.

Recent moose population surveys have shown declining numbers of moose in some areas of northern Ontario. The Moose Project is looking at what can be done to sustain desired levels of moose populations in response to pressures, such as predators, parasites, hunting, climate and changing habitat. 

As part of the Moose Project, Ontarians will be able to provide input by commenting on an Environmental Registry Posting proposing changes that could be implemented starting in the 2015 moose hunting season. Feedback and input can also be provided on what other potential actions can be taken in 2016 and beyond to address the broad range of pressures on moose populations.

There are two ways to provide feedback:

Protecting Ontario's moose population and biodiversity supports the government's economic plan for Ontario. The four-part plan is building Ontario up by investing in people's talents and skills, building new public infrastructure like roads and transit, creating a dynamic, supportive environment where business thrives and building a secure savings plan so everyone can afford to retire.

Quick Facts

  • The province has taken actions to address declining moose populations including reducing the number of moose tags issued during the 2014 hunting season.
  • Ontario conducts aerial surveys each year to track trends in the moose population.
  • Recent population surveys suggest moose numbers have decreased in parts of the province. Significant declines have also been observed in nearby areas, like Minnesota and Manitoba.

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“This posting represents our response to the first phase of consultations as we work to address the declining moose population as evidenced from our moose aerial inventory. The phase two consultations will be used to further define our response to bring forward additional options to be considered for implementation.”

Bill Mauro

Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry

“The Northwestern Ontario Sportsmen's Alliance (NOSA) supports the Minister's decision to look at new harvest management strategies being proposed under the Moose Project to stop the decline of the moose population in the northwest. Though no single moose management strategy alone will stop the decline, we are encouraged by the Minister’s commitment to address other factors impacting moose populations in the northwest. NOSA looks forward to working with the Minister on that next phase of the Moose Project.”

John Kaplanis

President, Northwestern Ontario Sportsmen’s Alliance

“These proposed regulation changes to address calf recruitment will be a first step in reversing the declining trend of our moose herds. I look forward to our committee working with Ministry staff on exploring other harvest strategies and management options that will ensure the continued long term sustainability of moose and all of the benefits they provide to Ontarians.”

Neil Wiens

Chair of the Provincial Big Game Management Advisory Committee

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