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Delivering Better Value for Taxpayers

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Delivering Better Value for Taxpayers

Ministry of Finance

Ontario is proposing to merge Infrastructure Ontario (IO) and the Ontario Realty Corporation (ORC), creating a single agency that would have a clear mandate to deliver infrastructure projects and lending, and provide realty services on behalf of the government.

Benefits of proposed merger

The proposed merger would:

  • Create efficiencies and savings by removing overlapping functions and take advantage of expert skills within each agency.
  • Streamline the organization by making optimal use of skills and structures such as IO's project management and private sector negotiations expertise and experience and ORC's expertise managing building maintenance.
  • Eliminate red tape, waste and find savings - ultimately delivering better value for taxpayers.
  • Deliver results that support the Open Ontario Plan to strengthen Ontario's economy and manage taxpayer resources responsibly.

Responsibilities of proposed new agency

The proposed new agency would be responsible for some or all of the following:

  • Develop, procure and manage approved provincial infrastructure projects.
  • Manage government-owned land and buildings.
  • Develop plans to meet government accommodation needs.
  • Provide oversight of maintenance and repair and value enhancement of government property.
  • Provide infrastructure loans to a range of public sector clients.

Implementation - a staged approach

The government is proposing to consolidate the two agencies in stages:

Stage 1: IO and ORC will operate as an administratively consolidated but legally separate organization until the proposed legislation is in place (subject to the approval of the legislature).  

Stage 2: The interim organization would be replaced with a new operational enterprise agency and the IO and ORC boards would be replaced with one board and a single CEO would be appointed to head the new agency.

New leadership and board composition

Interim Structure

  • IO and ORC will operate as separate legal entities with one CEO and cross-appointed Boards of Directors.
  • David Livingston has been appointed as CEO for both agencies and will report to both the IO and ORC boards.  Livingston is currently President and CEO of Infrastructure Ontario.

Infrastructure Ontario

Established in 2005, Infrastructure Ontario is an arm's length Crown Corporation dedicated to the renewal of the province's hospitals, courthouses, roads, bridges, water systems and other public assets.  Using an Alternative Financing and Procurement model that ensures appropriate public control and ownership, Infrastructure Ontario uses private financing to strategically rebuild vital infrastructure on time and on budget.

Ontario Realty Corporation

Ontario Realty Corporation, established in 1993, provides customer-focused real estate services to the Ontario government, including strategic portfolio management, asset management, property and realty management and capital projects.

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