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Technology and Tighter Rules Reduced Travel Spending by $30 Million

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Technology and Tighter Rules Reduced Travel Spending by $30 Million

Over 22,500 Hours of Travel Time Saved

Ministry of Finance

Better use of technology and tighter rules on travel helped reduce Ontario government employee expenses by $30 million last year, or 24 per cent.  It is expected a further $10 million will be saved this year in reduced travel expenses.

Use of webcasting and videoconferencing technology has reduced the need for government employees to travel.  Tighter rules and mandatory training for all staff on those rules and alternatives to travel have also helped reduced travel expenses.

The government has achieved savings in reduced accommodations ($7.1 million), air travel ($6.2 million), road travel ($6.2 million), meal expenses ($1.4 million) and other travel-related expenses ($9.1 million).

As part of the Open Ontario Plan, the government is committed to eliminating waste and finding savings that can be used in our schools and for the health care Ontario families rely on.  The government is also reducing the deficit with a plan in place to eliminate it completely by 2018.

Quick Facts

  • Technology such as video conferencing and webcasting has saved government employees 22,525 hours of travel time.
  • The increased use of videoconferencing at the Ministry of Natural Resources has been a significant factor in reducing its travel costs by $3.8 million.
  • Since April 2010, Senior Management, Executives of Agencies, Ministers and political staff post travel and hospitality expenses online.

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“We are making use of new technologies in our daily operations to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. We are managing well in difficult times to provide services Ontario families rely on, such as receiving a birth certificate in five days guaranteed and expanding our service delivery network across the province.”

Harinder Takhar

Minister of Government Services

“Ontario families are managing responsibly, eliminating waste in the budgets and focusing on priorities, and we are too. This is one example of how we're saving money to reduce the deficit and protect the gains we're making in our schools and health care.”

Dwight Duncan

Minister of Finance

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