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Ontario Eliminating 14 Government Agencies

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Ontario Eliminating 14 Government Agencies

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Ministry of Finance

Ontario is moving forward with its plan to reduce its number of government agencies by five per cent. In total, fourteen agencies are expected to be closed or merged.

Some agencies have functions that could be performed within government or cease to exist, and some have overlapping responsibilities or could be amalgamated.

This includes:

  • Merging the Ontario Mortgage Corporation and the Ontario Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Additionally, 11 other agencies that would be dissolved are:

  • Biopharmaceutical Investment Program Marketing Advisory Committee
  • Commodity Futures Advisory Board
  • Crown Timber Board of Examiners
  • Healing Arts Radiation Protection Commission
  • Northern Ontario Grow Bonds Corporation
  • North Pickering Development Corporation
  • Ontario, Eastern Ontario and Northern Ontario Development Corporation
  • Ontario Network of Excellence Advisory Committee
  • ORTECH Corporation
  • Social Assistance Review Board
  • Toronto Area Transit Operating Agency

The province has also accepted the recommendations made by Rita Burak in her December 2010 Report Of The Special Advisor on Agencies. Greater efficiencies, service levels and accountability will result from the implementation of these recommendations.

These actions build on the steps the Ontario government has already taken requiring agencies to be more accountable and transparent and to follow strong governance and expense disclosure rules. These measures are all part of the government's Open Ontario plan to improve accountability, eliminate waste and find savings.

Quick Facts

  • Better use of technology and stricter travel rules helped reduce government expenses by $30 million last year, and is expected to save an additional $10 million this year.
  • Ontario passed the Public Sector Expenses Review Act, 2009 which gives the Integrity Commissioner the authority to review expense claims of senior officials in 22 of the province's largest agencies.
  • Rita Burak, O.Ont is President & CEO of the Network Executive Team, Management Consultants, Inc. She is former Secretary of the Cabinet for the Government of Ontario and both the former Chair of eHealth Ontario and Chair of the Board of Hydro One.

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“Since taking office, we have brought efficiency and accountability to government and the broader public sector. We've gone beyond the goal we set to reduce the number of provincial classified agencies by five per cent. We will continue to meet and exceed targets, get value out of every dollar and focus funds on the priorities of Ontario families”

Dwight Duncan

Minister of Finance

“We are committed to running an accountable, transparent and efficient government. We will continue to take action to ensure strong oversight of classified agencies.”

Harinder Takhar

Minister of Government Services

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