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Moving Forward On Commission To Examine Broader Public Sector Reform

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Moving Forward On Commission To Examine Broader Public Sector Reform

McGuinty Government Taking Action To Find Efficiencies, Improve Value

Ministry of Finance

Ontario is moving forward with the commission that will provide advice on how to deliver the most efficient and effective public services possible for people and families.

Today, the government is announcing that Carol Stephenson, Susan Pigott and Dominic Giroux are joining Chair Don Drummond as members of the Commission on the Reform of Ontario's Public Services.

Building on reforms already underway, the commission will examine the way government delivers services to people, including the following:

  •  Programs that are no longer serving their intended purpose and could be eliminated or redesigned;
  • Areas of overlap and duplication that could be eliminated to save taxpayer dollars; and
  • Areas of value in the public sector that could provide a greater return on the investment made by taxpayers.

The commission will report to the Minister of Finance in time to inform the development of the 2012 Budget. It will not make recommendations that would increase taxes or lead to the privatization of health care or education. 

Reforming public service delivery is part of the plan laid out in Ontario's 2011 Budget - Turning the Corner - and reflects the government's continued commitment to attack waste, find savings and ensure the best value for public money.

Quick Facts

  • The 2011 Budget identified almost $1.5 billion over three years in new savings.
  • As outlined the 2011 Budget, the McGuinty government is reforming public service delivery to help eliminate the deficit while protecting education and health care.
  • Ontario is taking action to cut the number of government agencies by five per cent. In total, fourteen agencies are being closed or merged.
  • Experiences in Canada and around the world have shown that deep, across-the-board cuts would lead to increased costs in the long run.

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“The McGuinty government continues to build upon its strong track record of fiscal prudence and discipline. The commission will assist us in enhancing efficiency, improving systems, providing different incentives, finding new sources of value and pursuing innovation. These fundamental reforms will help protect health care and education over the long term, while accelerating the elimination of the deficit.”

Dwight Duncan

Minister of Finance

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