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Improving Property Tax System For Green Energy

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Improving Property Tax System For Green Energy

McGuinty Government's Changes Encourage Renewable Energy Installations

Ministry of Finance

Ontario is supporting property owners who install renewable energy technologies by improving property tax assessment policies for them. 

The changes will provide greater clarity by creating additional categories for property tax assessment based on the size and location of energy generation. The move will encourage property owners to continue to install and use renewable energy technologies.

Ontario's property tax system encourages a sustainable and competitive environment for renewable energy, helping to create a cleaner province for families.

Quick Facts

  • The amendments will apply to facilities generating electricity from solar energy, wind energy, or anaerobic digestion.
  • The Ontario Clean Energy Benefit is helping Ontario families, farms and small businesses by taking 10 per cent off of all electricity bills for the next five years.
  • Ontario is committed to increasing wind, solar and bioenergy from less than one per cent of generation capacity in 2003 to almost 13 per cent by 2030, an increase of over 400 per cent.

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“Ontario is leading the way when it comes to producing reliable energy from clean, renewable sources. These changes will help ensure that property tax assessment does not discourage property owners from contributing to a green energy system that supports a cleaner environment and healthier families.”

Dwight Duncan

Minister of Finance

“Ontario is building a modern, clean, reliable electricity system. This is the foundation for a strong economy. These changes will make it easier for Ontarians to participate in Ontario's clean energy future - ensuring cleaner air, healthier communities and a brighter future for everyone.”

Chris Bentley

Minister of Energy

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