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Ontario Receives Report From Drummond Commission

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Ontario Receives Report From Drummond Commission

Ministry of Finance

The McGuinty government today received the report of the Commission on the Reform of Ontario's Public Services.

As part of its commitment to eliminate the deficit by 2017-18 while protecting education and health care, the McGuinty government lowered growth in program spending to about four per cent from about seven per cent last year.  This was accomplished through modernizing the delivery of public services and creating administrative efficiencies to achieve better value for money for Ontario taxpayers. 

Recognizing that this new era of slower global economic growth requires lowering program spending growth further, in March 2011 the government established the commission to provide additional advice on how to make long-term, fundamental changes to the way government delivers services. 

The report will inform the 2012 Budget.  The McGuinty government will decide how to move forward.

Quick Facts

  • The Commission on the Reform of Ontario's Public Services was formed to examine the way government delivers services to people, including:
  • programs that are no longer serving their intended purpose and could be eliminated or redesigned;
  • areas of overlap and duplication that could be eliminated to save taxpayer dollars; and
  • areas of value in the public sector that could provide a greater return on the investment made by taxpayers.
  • As part of its mandate, the commission was not allowed to make recommendations that would increase taxes or lead to the privatization of health care or education.
  • Reforming public service delivery is part of the plan laid out in Ontario's 2011 Budget - Turning the Corner - and reflects the government's continued commitment to attack waste, find savings and ensure the best value for public money.
  • This year's pre-budget consultations - in person and virtually - have already reached more than 100,000 Ontarians, who have had an opportunity to provide input into the forming of the 2012 Budget.

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“The McGuinty government remains committed to putting Ontario's finances on a long-term, sustainable path. I thank the commission for the hard work it has done to provide advice on how to help us achieve our goal of a balanced budget by 2017-18.”

Dwight Duncan

Minister of Finance

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