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Statement By Minister Of Finance On The Memorandum Of Understanding With The English Catholic Teachers

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Statement By Minister Of Finance On The Memorandum Of Understanding With The English Catholic Teachers

Ministry of Finance

Today Dwight Duncan, Minister of Finance, released the following statement on the memorandum of understanding with the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association:

"This Memorandum of Understanding reached yesterday between the province and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association sends a strong signal that the McGuinty government and its Broader Public Sector (BPS) partners can reach agreements that allow Ontario to protect the gains we have made in schools and health care, while staying on track to meet our fiscal targets and eliminating the deficit. 

Ontarians want and deserve a strong education system for their children because they recognize it is the best possible investment we can make in their future. 

This agreement moves us forward towards achieving our goal of balancing the budget by 2017-18, while protecting education and health care.  Since 2003, class sizes are down, graduation rates and test scores are up, and our schools have been recognized as among the best in the world by the OECD and others. 

Thursday's agreement reflects a number of key priorities for the McGuinty government, its partners who deliver public services and most importantly, the priorities of Ontario families.  It would:

  • Ensure that English Catholic teachers will be in their classrooms in September.
  • Help us meet our fiscal targets and stay on track to eliminate the deficit.
  • Prove that by working together Ontario can move forward to address the challenges brought about as a result of global economic uncertainty.
  • Help deliver on the McGuinty government's plan to eliminate the deficit -- a plan that is fair, reasonable and ensures everyone has a role to play.

When our partners are at the table, we can work together and negotiate in good faith.  OECTA did that.  This process, and its result, brings stability to Ontario families at a time of global economic uncertainty.

The deal outlined in the MOU provides a roadmap that will help us deliver on our shared objective of eliminating the deficit.  I am hopeful that other education partners take the Minister of Education up on her offer to sit down and review it, just as I am hopeful that our other partners in the BPS see this MOU as an example of the positive results we can achieve by working together."

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