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New Ontario Government Helps The Music Industry Create Jobs

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New Ontario Government Helps The Music Industry Create Jobs

New Fund Promotes Ontario’s Music at Home and Around the World

Ministry of Finance

The new Ontario government plans to create an Ontario Music Fund that would help support and create jobs and position the province as a leading place to record and perform music.

The provincewide grant program would support new digital and record production and distribution of Canadian music, increase partnership opportunities, and promote Ontario's music industry in Canada and around the globe.   

It would also help the industry innovate, invest and take advantage of opportunities in the global music marketplace, bringing more business to Ontario.

Providing the music industry with necessary support is part of the government's plan to help Ontario's music artists and industry innovators succeed for a more prosperous and fair Ontario.

Quick Facts

  • The new Ontario Music Fund is a proposed $45 million grant program over three years, starting in 2013–14.
  • Ontario is home to Canada’s largest and one of the world’s most diversified music sectors. According to Statistics Canada, Ontario’s music sector generated $429.3 million in revenues in 2011, accounting for 81.9 per cent of total national revenues.
  • Economic growth and job creation are driven by business and entrepreneurs making investments. The government provides a favourable economic environment to help them succeed.
  • The 2013 Budget will be presented to the Ontario Legislative Assembly on May 2, 2013.

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“Our proposed provincewide fund would support new digital and record production. It would encourage distribution of Canadian music and help establish Ontario's production studios as global leaders in the business of master recordings. This would also create more job opportunities for artists, and the vast music industry that promotes them.”

Charles Sousa

Minister of Finance

“Music is an integral part of Ontario’s cultural landscape and an innovative economic driver, creating jobs and stimulating growth. Home to a diverse industry that includes the Major Labels and our innovative Independents, the new Ontario government’s Ontario Music Fund in concert with our Live Music Strategy represent a significant commitment by Ontario to strengthen our music industry, promote tourism and enhance our province's profile as a global music leader and premier music destination.”

Michael Chan

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport

“Music is a superpower that's primed and ready to perform for Ontario. It's a smart investment given the globally competitive advantage we have in the recorded and live music sectors. Research has shown that targeted support for music will pay off with enormous dividends including job growth, increased investment, tourism and the transformation of Ontario into one of the recording capitals of the world. As we in the music community like to say, music can help.”

Graham Henderson

President, Music Canada

“On behalf of our 85 employees at Metalworks, I congratulate the Government of Ontario for its commitment to maintaining a vibrant music industry. As a result of today’s announcement, the industry will get a much-needed shot in the arm and the 220 students currently enrolled at Metalworks Institute of Sound and Music Production will be more likely to enjoy successful careers in an industry that I have been fortunate to call my own since my days performing with Triumph. Today is a great day for music in Ontario.”

Gil Moore

CEO, Metalworks Group

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