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What People Are Saying About This Key Step Forward

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What People Are Saying About This Key Step Forward

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Here's what people are saying about this key step forward in the government's plan to modernize beer retailing in Ontario:

"This is a monumental day for craft brewers and customers in Ontario. The announced change to Ontario's beer retail system is the biggest game changer for Ontario since prohibition. We expect these improvements to double or triple our industry, in turn creating jobs in communities of all sizes across the province."

--Cam Heaps, Chair, Ontario Craft Brewers

"We are pleased that Council has listened to our concerns throughout this process and has taken our feedback very seriously. The province is expanding access points in a fair and deliberate way. Grocers will be accountable to the AGCO and make sure staff have the appropriate training. This is social responsibility within a consumer friendly approach."

--Andrew Murie, CEO, MADD Canada

"Retail Council of Canada (RCC) has been working with the Provincial Government to ensure that all retailers that are selling beer in Ontario can do so in a way that makes sense for both their business and their customers. This is an important step in the process of providing consumers with increased access and convenience when purchasing beer. Food retailers in Ontario will ensure that they provide beer in a socially responsible manner and will continue to work with the government on this initiative."

--David Wilkes, Senior Vice President, Retail Council of Canada

"The Province's independent grocers are thrilled to have the opportunity to sell beer to our customers. A fair representation of independent grocers will provide consumers with a more diverse and convenient shopping experience. We are also excited to work with Ontario's small craft brewers and support the growth in this industry."

--Gary Sands, Vice President, Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers

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