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Possession of Unmarked Cigarettes Leads to Fines

Court Bulletin

Possession of Unmarked Cigarettes Leads to Fines

Ministry of Finance

Convicted: Eleanor Smith and Lucie Trottier

Location of Offences: Hamilton

Description of Offences: Possession of unmarked cigarettes for the purpose of sale, under the Tobacco Tax Act

Date of Offences: June 9, 2018

Date of Convictions: September 19, 2018, at the Hamilton Provincial Offences Court

Penalties Imposed: A fine of $10,150 was imposed on Eleanor Smith. A $10,150 fine was also imposed on Lucie Trottier. In addition, the court imposed a 25 per cent victim fine surcharge as required under the Provincial Offences Act.

Background: On June 9, 2018, an Ontario Provincial Police officer searched a vehicle and discovered 35,800 unmarked cigarettes. All tobacco products were seized and forfeited.

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