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Improving Access to Paediatric Surgeries

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Improving Access to Paediatric Surgeries

Ministry of Health

The government is investing $5.5 million to further help improve access to care for children by providing more than 2000 additional paediatric surgeries across Ontario in 2007/08, including :

  • 130 more General surgeries;  
  • 520 more Ophthalmology surgeries (eyes);
  • 656 more Dental/Oral surgeries;  
  • 100 more Orthopedic surgeries (bone and joint);  
  • 753 more Otolaryngology surgeries (ear, nose and throat); 
  • 72 more Plastic surgeries; and,
  • 88 more Urology surgeries.  

Today's announcement also includes support for additional Access Improvement Initiatives to develop innovative solutions to improve care for Ontario's children.

Please see the list below for a breakdown of the funding for the 2007/08 fiscal year allocations for extra paediatric surgeries.

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