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Case Study: Pay For Results Helps Windsor Regional Hospital Reduce Emergency Room Wait Times

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Case Study: Pay For Results Helps Windsor Regional Hospital Reduce Emergency Room Wait Times

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Ontario's Pay for Results program has helped Windsor Regional Hospital decrease the amount of time patients spend in the hospital's emergency room.

Last year, the hospital received $1.68 million in Pay for Results funding. The incentives and tools implemented through the program enabled the hospital to:

  • Reduce the amount of time that patients with minor or uncomplicated conditions -- which require less time for diagnosis, treatment and observation -- spend waiting in the emergency room by 9.1 per cent.
  • Handle a 13 per cent increase in the number of patients arriving in the emergency room with complex conditions -- which require more time for diagnosis, treatment or hospital bed admission.
  • Increase patient satisfaction by nearly five per cent.

Windsor Regional Hospital took a number of steps to achieve these results. The hospital:

  • Increased access to a CT scanner on weekends and during afternoons to help emergency room patients access needed diagnostic scans more quickly. 
  • Redesigned the emergency room to include a separate waiting area for patients who do not need to be admitted to hospital but still require medical attention. The hospital also recruited nurse practitioners to help increase access to care and reduce wait times for these patients.
  • Provided additional training to health care professionals in order to speed up the triage process. The training helped health workers better prioritize which patients should receive care first. The hospital also sped up the patient registration process by doing triage and registration simultaneously.
  • Created a centralized, colour-coded system to help hospital staff better manage patients in the emergency room. Using a magnetized board, nurses and doctors indicate whether a patient is awaiting test results, or waiting to be admitted or discharged from hospital. This helps the hospital more effectively track and manage patient flow.


This year Windsor Regional Hospital will receive another $1.68 million through the Pay for Results program. The funds will help the hospital further reduce the amount of time patients spend in the emergency room and increase patient satisfaction.



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