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Ontario Appoints Investigators For Essex County Hospitals

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Ontario Appoints Investigators For Essex County Hospitals

Dr. Barry McLellan, Dr. John Srigley And Dr. Robin McLeod Will Investigate Surgical And Pathology Issues At Three Essex County Hospitals

Ministry of Health

Ontario has appointed investigators to review and report on issues related to the quality of care and treatment of patients at three Essex County Hospitals: Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, Windsor Regional Hospital and Leamington District Memorial Hospital with particular focus on pathology results and recent reports of surgical errors.

Dr. Robin McLeod will focus on surgical errors, while Dr. John Srigley will focus on pathology results. Dr. Barry McLellan will coordinate the investigation. The investigators will work closely with the hospital, community, key stakeholders and the Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) to review and report on:

  • issues related to the circumstances surrounding the recently reported incidents of unnecessary surgery and errors in pathology reports
  • issues related to the quality of surgical care and pathology services
  •   issues related to the monitoring of patient care and professional staff conduct
  • issues related to the role of the hospitals' Medical Advisory Committees, and
  • he status of recommendations from all previous studies, strategies, and reports regarding medical care quality, surgical services, and pathology services.

The investigators will also:

  • provide recommendations on hospital board accountability relating to pathology processes and surgical care provided in the hospitals, and
  • provide recommendations and identify next steps for the hospitals and the LHIN to respond to issues identified in the investigation.

The investigator team will provide regular updates to the ministry and the Erie St. Clair LHIN.  The team will submit a final report to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care upon completion of its duties.

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“It is incumbent upon all of us who are involved in the health system to learn from this situation. This review is just one part of our ongoing goal to ensure patient safety for all Ontarians.”

Deb Matthews

Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

“I am confident that the issues confronting Essex County hospitals will be resolved in the best interest of the residents of Windsor.”

Gary Switzer

Chief Executive Officer, Erie St. Clair LHIN

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