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Minister Matthews' Statement On The Essex County Hospitals Investigators' Report

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Minister Matthews' Statement On The Essex County Hospitals Investigators' Report

Ministry of Health

I want to thank Dr. Barry McLellan, Dr. Robin McLeod and Dr. John Srigley for providing a thorough report with constructive recommendations.

I know this process has been difficult for some patients and their families and I hope that Dr. McLellan's report will provide them with the answers they have been looking for.

Today, the Investigators have said that Windsor and Essex County residents can have confidence in the quality of care their hospitals are providing. I share that confidence.

Ontarians deserve access to high quality health care.  When there are improvements to be made, we will make them.

Effective immediately, Malcolm Maxwell, CEO of Grand River Hospital in Kitchener is being appointed facilitator to oversee the implementation of the investigators' recommendations. I know Malcolm has the skills and expertise needed to guide our health partners through this important process.
We will also be moving forward to develop provincial standards and guidelines that will ensure high quality pathology services for all Ontarians. 
This recent experience in Windsor also informed the new Excellent Care for All Act.  Under this new legislation hospitals must create quality committees that report to boards of directors on quality-related issues.  Hospitals must also publicly post an annual Quality Improvement Plan. And we now require that critical incidents be reported directly to hospital administrators. The Investigators highlighted that these changes will make a positive difference for Windsor and Essex County area families.

I would like to extend my appreciation to the administration and staff at all three Essex County hospitals for their professionalism and support of Dr. McLellan and his team with needed information and resources. I would also like to thank the Erie-St. Clair Local Health Integration Network, the Ontario Medical Association and the Ontario Hospital Association for working with us to make sure that we are doing everything we can to improve quality and patient safety in Windsor and Essex County.

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