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Leading The Way In Electronic Medical Records

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Leading The Way In Electronic Medical Records

More Than 5 Million Ontarians Benefiting From Program

Ministry of Health

Almost 5,500 doctors now manage patients' health information electronically, allowing more than 5 million Ontarians to benefit from having an electronic medical record - an increase of more than 80 per cent in just one year.

With electronic medical records, patients can be confident that their doctors will be able to access their information, such as their latest lab results, quickly and easily.  Patient safety is enhanced by electronic records because they help doctors prevent medication errors when writing and renewing prescriptions and enable doctors to provide more preventative care.

Electronic medical records can also eliminate duplication of effort during a patient's visit by providing secure access to standardized information. In addition, doctors can receive information from hospitals and labs faster, allowing for better coordination of care among health care professionals.

Investing in electronic medical records is part of the province's Open Ontario Plan to provide more access to health care services while improving quality and accountability for patients.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario has more doctors using electronic medical records than any other province in Canada.
  • In 2009, more than 3,000 doctors were using electronic records and Ontario is now working to increase the number to 9,000 by 2012.

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“A modern, high quality health care system includes paperless medical records. Ontario is now leading the way in this regard, which makes health care for patients quicker and more efficient.”

Deb Matthews

Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

“Electronic medical records are integral to electronic health records - about 80 per cent of health data is captured in physicians' offices. Electronic records connected to hospitals and provincial health databases will provide a comprehensive and secure picture of a patient's health.”

Greg A. Reed

President and CEO of eHealth Ontario

“Ontario's doctors know firsthand the tremendous benefits of electronic medical records to patients and we believe they are a critical component towards improving and strengthening our health care system. Physicians using electronic records report improvements in patient safety and continuity and quality of care. Our priority is getting this technology into more doctors' offices as soon as possible.”

Dr. Mark MacLeod

President of the Ontario Medical Association

“The Taddle Creek Family Health Team has been using electronic medical records since 2005. The seamless way that we can communicate with one another in real time using our electronic records augments the comprehensive care we provide.”

Dr. Pauline Pariser

Lead Physician of Taddle Creek Family Health Team

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