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Long-Term Care Home Residents Benefiting From MedsCheck Program

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Long-Term Care Home Residents Benefiting From MedsCheck Program

McGuinty Government's Pharmacist Program Is Reaching More Seniors

Ministry of Health

More than 37,000 MedsCheck consultations have taken place in Ontario's long-term care homes in just the first three months since the launch of the new free service.

That means more Ontario seniors have had a one-on-one, in person consultation with their pharmacist to review their medications.

MedsCheck for Long-Term Care is one of three new services now being offered under the MedsCheck program.  The others are:

  • MedsCheck for Diabetes: for Ontarians living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and
  • MedsCheck at Home: for people who are home-bound and have difficulty traveling to a pharmacy, a community pharmacist will visit the person in their home for the review.

Expanding health care services is part of the government's Open Ontario Plan to provide more access to health care and improve quality and accountability for patients.

Quick Facts

  • 737,000 MedsCheck consultations have taken place since the program was launched in 2007.
  • A MedsCheck consultation with the pharmacist does not require a referral from a doctor.
  • All MedsCheck consultations are done in-person with the patient.
  • MedsCheck LTC is available to approximately 77,000 people - anyone living in a licensed long-term care home in Ontario is eligible to receive the service.

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“Bringing the MedsCheck program to long-term care homes is part of our commitment to provide better access to health care and services for all Ontarians. By helping residents of long-term care homes understand how to take their medications safely and appropriately, pharmacists play a valuable role as part of the entire health care team.”

Deb Matthews

Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

“It's enlightened me about my medications, and is a very worthwhile process. This is the most I've ever known about my medications.”

Ruth Wilcox

long-term care home resident

“The MedsCheck program for residents of long-term care homes enables pharmacists to help improve patient health by ensuring the best medication options have been chosen, dosing is appropriate, and any medication-related problems are identified and addressed. The program will also help pharmacists identify and share best-practice information with the rest of the care team, and enhance interprofessional communication.”

Dennis Darby

Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Pharmacists' Association

“The MedsCheck program furthers the objectives of improved medication management for the residents of Ontario's long-term care homes. The expansion of MedsCheck goes a long way to ensuring the residents have free access to advice about their medication from a pharmacist.”

Christina Bisanz

Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Long Term Care Association

“MedsCheck for Long-Term Care promotes a team approach to reviewing and managing medications that supports homes in delivering quality care in a holistic manner and benefits residents and their families.”

Donna Rubin

CEO, Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors

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