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Supporting Nurses Throughout Their Careers

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Supporting Nurses Throughout Their Careers

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Ontario is supporting nurses throughout their careers - from when they enter the profession until the later stages of their work life - through the Nursing Graduate Guarantee (NGG) and Late Career Nurse Initiative.

Nursing Graduate Guarantee

More than 10,000 nursing graduates have participated in the NGG program since it began in 2007.

The government is investing $99.7 million in the program this year to help employers create full-time, six-month positions that can be offered to new nursing graduates.

Nursing graduates receive on-the-job mentorship, giving them the opportunity to work with experienced nurses to help enhance their knowledge and skill. Nurses in the program access opportunities to work in hospitals, long-term care homes, mental health centres, primary health care settings, home care and public health organizations. The program provides graduates with a good chance of gaining permanent, full-time employment and helps to ease their transition into the workforce.

The NGG program benefits employers by providing a ministry-funded extended orientation that is tailored to each organization, supporting a seamless transition to practice for new graduates. As a recruitment strategy, the program helps employers meet their human resources goals, and also helps to recruit new graduates to smaller organizations in rural communities.

The NGG uses an online employment portal on www.healthforceontario.ca to link new graduates with job offers posted by health care employers in the hospital, long-term care, home care, mental health, public health and primary care sectors.

Late Career Nurse Initiative

The Late Career Nurse Initiative provides nurses 55 years and older the opportunity to spend a portion of their work time in less physically demanding nursing roles, such as mentorship.

This program has helped to retain nurses 55 and older who represent more than a quarter of the nursing workforce in Ontario. More than 15,200 experienced nurses have benefited from this initiative, with about 200 health care organizations participating each year.

The government is investing $8 million annually so that about 1,500 late career nurses can take part in the program. This funding will allow hospitals and long-term care homes to offer the program for up to 16 weeks and flexibly accommodate nurses throughout the fiscal year.

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