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What People Are Saying About Electronic Health Information

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What People Are Saying About Electronic Health Information

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

"The citizens of Ontario will realize higher quality, less costly healthcare in the near future, as eHealth leads the development of the electronic health record with its provider partners.  The Ottawa Hospital is pleased to be a part of it."

- Dr. Jack Kitts, President and CEO, The Ottawa Hospital

"RNAO is very pleased to collaborate with eHealth Ontario and the government to ensure faster access to comprehensive quality health care for all Ontarians"

- Doris Grinspun, Executive Director, Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO)

"In the past six years over 50% of primary care physicians have decided to adopt an Electronic Medical Record (EMR).  Doctors report that their EMRs have enabled them to improve patient safety and the quality of care they deliver to their patients. Moving forward it is important to ensure that EMRs are available to all doctors and that institutions and providers can share patient data in order to improve and strengthen health care in Ontario."

- Stewart Kennedy, MD, President, Ontario Medical Association

"While the media glare has subsided, the agency has made a series of quiet strides. Notably, more than 5,300 doctors have been given funding to use electronic medical records - the personal health records kept in a doctor's office - on their desktop computers. By 20112, eHealth projects 9,000 community physicians will have electronic records for 10 million of their patients."

- Toronto Star, October 6, 2010

"Everyone in health care recognizes the value of one patient record and access to that record for everyone on the team providing care to the patient. We have the capability in our health system, working with eHealth Ontario, to make this a reality for every patient and every health care professional.  One health record will be a reality within the next three to five years and this fact will allow us to deliver the safest care possible and reduce many of the inefficiencies in the system.  I am committed to that goal and to working to make it a reality."

- Dr. Bob Bell, President & CEO, University Health Network

"Investments in electronic health are needed and valuable. We can't underestimate the importance of strengthening electronic health record infrastructure for the people of Ontario. On behalf of all health care providers, I would like to congratulate the Ontario government for making the current investments and thank them for the investments of the past, which have allowed us in our region to make great strides in the infrastructure of electronic information-sharing."

- Murray Glendining, CIO, Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Local Health Integration Network

"We are very pleased to be aligned with the province's eHealth strategy. This is a major step forward and will ultimately enable CHCs' interprofessional teams to share information with labs, hospitals and the rest of the health care system so that clients receive even higher quality care."

- Adrianna Tetley, Executive Director of the Association of Ontario Health Centres

"Connecting GTA and future information sharing hubs, is one of the most significant initiatives in advancing quality of care, across the continuum of care, undertaken in this province to date.  eHealth Ontario and all of the partners will have the tools and information necessary to protect personal health, assure safety and deliver high quality care. The Government brought in the Excellent Care for All legislation mandating quality of care and accountability for care outcomes and eHealth Ontario is providing the connections and interface necessary amongst all care providers so that they are better able to deliver the right care, at the right place at the right time on behalf of all the people they care for."

- Margaret Mottershead, CEO, Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres

"The ConnectingGTA project shows the promise and potential of strengthened electronic linkages, thus improving care for people and achieving greater connectivity between home care and the broader health care system."

- Sue VanderBent, Executive Director, Ontario Home Care Association

"This initiative is great news for the residents of Durham Region. As a member of the Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Repository System (HDIRS) Lakeridge Health is able to access digital images faster with the support of electronic health. We look forward to our continued work with the Ministry of Health and eHealth Ontario on the Electronic Health Record (EHR)."

- Kevin Empey, President and CEO of Lakeridge Health

"Harnessing information technology through regional systems is critical to improve patient transitions and safety along the continuum of care. Electronic systems, like REACH (Rapid Electronic Access to Clinical Health Information), put information in the hands of all the relevant health professionals as patients move from community care to inpatient hospital care to other locations in the health care system."

- Matthew Anderson, President and CEO of William Osler Health System

"Modern 21st century healthcare requires modern technology to improve patient safety and system efficiency.  We are starting to see steady adoption of electronic medical records within hospitals and physician offices.  It is essential that we continue to see progress towards the creation of an electronic health record (EHR) for all Ontarians.  A comprehensive EHR system will cut down on needless tests, reduce medical errors, improve communication among healthcare providers and enhance quality of care for patients." 

- Dr. Ben Chan, President and CEO, Health Quality Ontario

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