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What Stakeholders Are Saying About The Expanded Pharmacy Services Announcement

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What Stakeholders Are Saying About The Expanded Pharmacy Services Announcement

Ministry of Health

"We're very pleased that the Ontario government has introduced changes that recognize some of the valuable services pharmacists provide on behalf of their patients. Along with the MedsCheck program, these services promote healthier outcomes by helping to ensure patients are on the right medication, at the right dose, at the right time."

- Dennis Darby, Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Pharmacists' Association

"Being at the front line of health care, these new services enhance our scope of practice and allow us to optimize health outcomes for our patients. Not only do the new services provide more opportunities for direct patient care, they also emphasize the importance of collaboration between all health care providers."

- Sally Sadek, RPh, Community Pharmacist and Co-owner of Augusta Central Pharmacy, Toronto

"The Ontario government is to be congratulated for once again taking the lead in supporting new programs which encourage pharmacist and physician dialogue in choosing the best medications for seniors. Pharmacists' clinical recommendations to adjust prescriptions, to consult on therapy results and follow up on patient compliance all contribute to more effective use of medication, less wastage and safer, healthier seniors". 

- Carole McKiee, RPh, Senior Vice President, Medical Pharmacies Group Limited and Chair, Ontario Pharmacists Association Long-Term Care Working Group and member of Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Pharmacy Council

" Patient focused care is now enhanced in Ontario! The first stage of the enhanced services  provides a formalized approach for pharmacists to use their expertise to improve medication therapy and patient health in collaboration with physicians and nurse practitioners. Patient safety is paramount. I am excited to participate in this new initiative and I applaud the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for acknowledging and integrating these important services for the benefit of ODB recipients in Ontario."

- Iris Krawchenko, RPh,  Certified Geriatric Pharmacist, Community Pharmacist and Manager,  Dell Pharmacy, Hamilton and member of Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Pharmacy Council

"As a member of the Pharmacy Council I take pride in role that we have to work with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to make recommendations and identify opportunities on the implementation of programs and services that can be offered by pharmacists so they can better contribute and integrate in the provision of Health Care to Ontarians"

- Michael Nashat, RPh, PharmD, Community Pharmacist, Quick-Med Pharmacy, Mississauga and member of Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Pharmacy Council

"Funding expanded services reinforces the important role the pharmacist plays as part of the health care team, sets the stage for future expanded scope of practice within the profession, and will support healthier patient outcomes and optimal drug therapy. As an organization encompassing independent, franchise, chain and specialty pharmacy, we know the difference pharmacy care can make to the lives of patients. This is great news for Ontarians and for Ontario pharmacies and we are pleased the first stage of funding for expanded services is now commencing."

- Russell Cohen, RPh, Executive Vice President, Industry and Government Affairs, Rexall family of pharmacies.

"As an independent community pharmacist, I am pleased that the ministry has recognized the value that community pharmacists have been providing to the people of Ontario.  Pharmacists are an integral member of the health care team and our role in safeguarding our patients and helping them achieve optimal drug therapy has long been recognized.  As the most accessible health care practitioners, pharmacists have long been recognized for their expertise in identifying and resolving medications issues.  We look forward to the continued expansion of the Ministry's professional pharmacy services programs."

- Neil Bornstein, RPh, Community Pharmacist and Owner, West Hill Pharmasave, Scarborough

"Shoppers Drug Mart warmly welcomes the Ontario Government's initiative to provide for investment in the expanded scope of practice for pharmacists in the province. Our pharmacists are at the front line of health care in Ontario. As health care professionals, working closely with their pharmacy teams, our pharmacists make a real difference to the lives of their patients on a day-to-day basis. The ability to expand the scope of their practice will further enhance this level of direct patient care. Shoppers looks forward to continuing to work closely with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care as the scope of pharmacist practice and reimbursement for these services continues to expand."

- Dave Williams, Interim CEO and Chair, Shoppers Drug Mart

"At Walmart, we believe in putting the customer first, and by allowing pharmacists to deliver a wider range of patient services we believe the government is doing just that. The government is working collaboratively with all key stakeholders to improve the overall delivery and outcome of health care. We look forward to making these new services available to our customers."

- Eric Muir, Senior Vice President of Health and Wellness for Walmart Canada

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