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Ensuring Patient Safety In Ontario's Hospitals

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Ensuring Patient Safety In Ontario's Hospitals

McGuinty Government Works With Hospitals To Prevent Infections

Ministry of Health

Ontario is reminding hospitals to take advantage of all the resources available to help them combat hospital-acquired infections.

Infections that start in hospitals, like C. Difficile, are an unwelcome reality in modern health care settings around the world. The McGuinty government has put in place many steps to keep patient safety at the forefront, including:

  • Developing best practices on infection prevention through collaboration with nationally-renowned infection control experts.
  • Creating 14 Regional Infection Control Networks (RICNs) across the province to promote infection prevention and control policies and monitoring.
  • Funding an additional166 infection prevention and control practitioners (ICPs) in hospitals. ICPs have specialized training and expertise in infection prevention and control.  Ontario has the best ratio of ICPs to hospital beds of any jurisdiction in North America. 
  • Developing a comprehensive education program on infection prevention and control for professionals in hospital settings to ensure patient safety.
  • Putting in place a comprehensive hand hygiene program in hospitals across the province - targeted at health care providers, patients and visitors.

In addition to these measures, Ontario hospitals publicly report on nine patient safety indicators - more than any other province.

Quick Facts

  • Patient safety indicator results are posted on hospital websites and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's public website.

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“I know that all health care workers across the province are doing their best to ensure patient safety is a priority. Ontario is providing our hospitals with some of the best resources available to help prevent hospital-acquired infections.”

Deb Matthews

Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

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