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Improving Health Care At Brockville General Hospital

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Improving Health Care At Brockville General Hospital

McGuinty Government Providing Families Better Care Closer To Home

Ministry of Health

A major redevelopment project at Brockville General Hospital will give people and families in the Brockville area better access to mental health care, rehabilitation and complex continuing care services.

Work is underway for the redevelopment and the expansion project at the hospital's Charles Street site. Expansion includes a new wing with 48 complex continuing care beds, 29 rehabilitation beds and 29 acute mental health beds for patients.

Some of these beds will be transferred from the Garden Street site of Brockville General Hospital and the Brockville Mental Health Centre of the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group. Once complete, patients will be able to have expanded access to emergency and acute care services, plus mental health services at one location at the Charles Street site.

Investing in modern and efficient hospitals that support the needs of our aging and diversifying population is part of Building Together, Ontario's long-term infrastructure plan. Ontario will continue to make significant investments in public infrastructure over the next decade to improve the quality of life for families.

Quick Facts

  • Brockville General Hospital is a 123-bed community hospital that serves families in Brockville and the surrounding area.
  • Ontario has invested in over 100 major hospital capital projects since 2003. This includes 18 brand new hospitals that are either completed or in development.
  • The McGuinty government will be investing more than $35 billion in hospitals, public transit, schools, highways and other projects over the next three years as part of the Building Together infrastructure plan.

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“I know how important this project is for the people of the Brockville community and I'm proud to see it move forward. For the people of Brockville and surrounding area, this redevelopment means one-stop access to mental health services that are integrated with other emergency and acute care services, closer to home.”

Deb Matthews

Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

“Our Building Together infrastructure plan is our road map to a stronger Ontario. We know that infrastructure, such as major hospital projects, are worth investing in and maintaining for the good of everyone.”

Bob Chiarelli

Minister of Infrastructure

“I'm delighted the government is supporting our plan to improve its facilities so that residents of Brockville and the surrounding area will soon have access to the very best in mental health, rehabilitation and complex continuing care.”

Ray Marshall

CEO Brockville General Hospital

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