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Mount Sinai Leading Toronto In Wait Time Reduction

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Mount Sinai Leading Toronto In Wait Time Reduction

McGuinty Government Helps Hospital Improve Access To Care

Ministry of Health

Mount Sinai Hospital has reduced wait times for knee surgery by 341 days, or 83 per cent over the last five years - helping people get the surgery they need, as quickly as possible.

This improvement is the largest percentage wait time reduction achieved by any Toronto hospital since Ontario started measuring wait times in 2005. Today, patients spend just over two months or 69 days waiting for knee surgery - in 2005, they would have waited over a year.

These results are possible because of targeted support from the Ontario government and because the 2004 First Minister's Health Accord invested in strategic reforms such as wait times and access to care.

Ontario is calling on the federal government to work with the provinces to deliver a new long-term deal on health care.  Further health care reforms are needed to meet the needs of Ontario's rapidly aging population. A new long term deal should focus on giving seniors more options in their homes and communities.  

Quick Facts

  • Ottawa recently committed to extending the six per cent annual increase in the Canada Health Transfer, but Ontario is seeking a long term commitment from the federal government - this year, it is estimated that Canada will pay only 23 per cent of Ontario's health costs.
  • The hospital performed approximately 321 knee replacement surgeries last year.
  • Patients at Mount Sinai also continue to spend 71 per cent less time waiting for cancer surgery and 70 per cent less time waiting for cataract surgery than in 2005.
  • Ontario is national leader in reducing wait times for five priority health services, according to the 2011 annual report card issued by the Wait Time Alliance.

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“I'm extremely proud of Mount Sinai's accomplishment. I want to thank all of Mount Sinai Hospital's hard-working health care professionals for making such a major improvement in reducing wait times and increasing access to care for patients. I look forward to working with Mount Sinai and other hospitals to bring wait times down even further and am calling on the federal government to renew its commitment to Ontario's health care system”

Deb Matthews

Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

“Mount Sinai Hospital is proud to be a partner with the government in working to improve patient access and reducing wait times to needed health care services.”

Joseph Mapa

President and CEO, Mount Sinai Hospital

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