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A Real Wage Freeze For Doctors: The Facts

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A Real Wage Freeze For Doctors: The Facts

Ontario doctors are already well paid:

The average Ontario doctor bills $385,000 annually, nearly 10 times the $40,000 earnings of the typical Ontarian.

Over 400 doctors in Ontario bill over $1 million annually.

On average, doctors are now billing 75 per cent more than in 2003, far outpacing increases anywhere else in the public sector. 

Ontario is a great place to practice medicine:

Ontario is already near the top in per capita spending on doctors:

  • Alberta - $912
  • Ontario - $911
  • Manitoba - $820
  • Quebec - $630
  • BC - $600

The average family doctor in Ontario bills almost $150,000 more than those in the United States.

  • Ontario: $351,237
  • United States: $207,000

Working with our doctors, we've made significant gains in health care since 2003:

  • 3,400 more doctors than in 2003
  • 13 per cent increase in family doctors
  • 18.4 per cent increase in specialists
  • Reversed the brain drain on physician supply
  • 200 new Family Health Teams
  • 93 per cent of Ontarians have access to a family doctor
  • 2.1 million more patients have access to a family doctor since 2003
  • Wait times for key surgeries have been cut in half - and are the shortest in Canada

The OMA wants another salary increase:

The OMA proposes to increase physician compensation by $700 million over the next two years.

This includes a  five per cent raise for current doctors, worth an average of $20,000 more per doctor.

Ontario is freezing OHIP spending to fund home care and protect our health care gains:

At $11 billion, OHIP spending represents 23 per cent of all health spending, or 10¢ of every tax dollar spent.  It has increased by 85 per cent since 2003.  This rate of increase is not sustainable.

A real wage freeze for doctors will allow the province to invest in the community care and to protect recent gains in health care.


Ontario is finding savings in OHIP to fund health system growth:

Ontario can get better value for the $11 billion spent on OHIP by changing some fees to reflect advances in technology and the best medical evidence on patient outcomes.  The savings will fund 1,100 new doctors and more health care services over two years.

Other public sector workers have accepted pay freeze:

  • Hospital CEO compensation is currently frozen, and has been already for two years, and will continue to be frozen for another two years.
  • MPP salaries have been frozen for three years already, and they will continue to be frozen for another two years.
  • The average hospital CEO salary is $226,000.

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