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Ontario Expands Services Offered by Pharmacists

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Ontario Expands Services Offered by Pharmacists

Ministry of Health

The McGuinty government recently approved regulations that allow pharmacists to offer more services to Ontarians. Expanding pharmacy services is part of the government's Action Plan for Health Care and its commitment to provide Ontarians with the right care at the right time and in the right place

Except for the flu shot, some pharmacies may charge a minimal fee for the services. Contact your local pharmacy for more information.

Pharmacists can now provide these additional services:

New Services


Adapting and renewing existing prescriptions

A prescription has run out for a child with asthma. Even though it is late in the evening, the parent visits a pharmacy where the pharmacist renews the child's asthma prescription. Pharmacists can renew a prescription for a maximum six-month supply.

Administering, by injection or inhalation, specific substances to a patient for the purpose of patient education and demonstration

A senior is prescribed vitamin B12 by a doctor, but it must be administered by injection. When the senior has the prescription filled at the pharmacy, the pharmacist can demonstrate how to perform the injection and administer the first dose. 

Prescribing specific drugs to help people quit smoking

A pharmacist could advise a smoker that she/he can prescribe drugs for smoking cessation, if and when the person is ready.

Pierce skin to support patient self-care and a patient's monitoring of a chronic disease

A person with newly diagnosed diabetes asks a pharmacist to show them how to properly use a blood glucose monitor to effectively manage his or her diabetes and stay healthy.

Giving a flu shot to a person five years of age and older as part of Ontario's Universal Influenza Immunization Program

Beginning October 22nd, people can visit participating pharmacies where specially trained pharmacists will administer publicly funded flu vaccine. Information on participating pharmacies will be available at www.ontario.ca/flu

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