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Ontario Brain Institute

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History and purpose of the Ontario Brain Institute

Launched in November 2010, the Ontario Brain Institute is a virtual research organization dedicated to improving patient care by:

  • Providing strategic direction for brain research in Ontario
  • Making connections with and among neurological and mental health charities and other health service delivery stakeholders across the province that will translate into better mental health care for Ontarians
  • Raising the province's international profile and role in neuroscience and in the global marketplace
  • Promoting the commercialization of neuroscience research and leveraging dollars from industry, charities and federal sources
  • Supporting practical and actionable research that produces evidence which is used in health policy, planning and health service delivery

How the Ontario Brain Institute helps Ontario

The institute will help Ontario become an internationally recognized centre of excellence in brain research, innovation and better patient care.

Their work will contribute to improved care for patients who suffer from medical conditions such as autism, dementia, depression, epilepsy, and cerebral palsy.

Why the government is supporting the Ontario Brain Institute

Supporting cutting-edge research will attract more investments to Ontario, new jobs, better health care, and position Ontario as a world leader in brain research.

In Ontario, the economic impact of brain and mental health disorders is estimated to well above $39 billion annually.

It is projected that 2.6 million Ontarians will be affected by brain diseases/disorders in their lifetime.

How this initiative will increase investments in Ontario

The institute will be required to leverage investments from various partners including industry, charities, federal and international sources.  

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