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Ontario Consulting On Healthy Eating Initiatives


Ontario Consulting On Healthy Eating Initiatives

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

In response to the Healthy Kids Panel's recommendations for reducing childhood obesity, Ontario has launched a cross-government Healthy Kids Strategy focusing on:

  • A Healthy Start -- supporting healthy pregnancy and early years to build the foundation for a healthy childhood and beyond
  • Healthy Food -- an essential component to achieving healthy weights and healthy childhood development
  • Healthy Active Communities -- building healthy environments for children is the responsibility of the whole community

Consultation on Healthy Eating Initiatives

To help create a healthier food environment in Ontario, the government will begin consultations this month on two initiatives:

  • Legislation to be introduced this winter that would require large chain restaurants to include calories and other nutritional information on menus
  • Reducing the marketing of unhealthy food and beverages aimed at children, including advertising and point-of-sale promotions

The government's consultations on menu labelling and food marketing will include representation from the following groups:

  • Parents
  • Health Sector
  • Restaurant and Foodservices
  • Grocery and Convenience Stores
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturers and Processers
  • Agriculture Sector
  • Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment
  • Advertising and Marketing

Menu Labelling

The government will seek advice on the best way to put menu labelling in place, including:

  • Who the legislation would apply to
  • What nutrition information would be included
  • How nutrition information would be posted and made available
  • How to best implement legislation/regulations, including time required for implementation
  • How best to monitor and enforce legislation/regulations

Reducing the Marketing of Unhealthy Food and Beverages

The government will seek advice on how to reduce marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to children, including:

  • Guiding principles for an approach to limit the marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to children 
  • Defining unhealthy food and beverages
  • How to strengthen current efforts or take further actions to limit marketing to children including point-of-sale
  • Insights on a monitoring and evaluation system

Healthy Kids Strategy

These initiatives build on steps the government has already taken to implement recommendations from the Healthy Kids Panel, including:

  • New investments to enhance breastfeeding supports and ensure that every woman who wants breastfeeding support can get it
  • New investments in Ontario's Student Nutrition Program to create more than 200 new breakfast and morning meal programs for approximately 33,000 kids in higher-needs communities, including First Nations communities

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